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About Version 6

Started by Jeremy Collake, April 01, 2012, 07:36:21 AM

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Jeremy Collake

Q: So, what are you working on in your secret lair?

Although many features are classified, I can tell you that many of you will be satisfied, and Process Lasso will appeal to more users than it ever has before. That said, there is *always* more work to do, so just after v6, I'll be working on new things and improving the product.

Q: Come on, just a hint?

Soon, there will be an Alpha build that gives a really strong hint as to what is coming. Not all new features or enhancements will be included, or even done yet, but it will give you an idea.

Q: Will it be better?

Absolutely. No chance of it being worse. Resource consumption will be even LESS, functional capabilities even MORE, and stability even further improved!

Q: If I buy now do I get v6?

YES. Any license bought today will get version 6.

Q: Should I wait to buy?

I would not advise doing so ;). Honestly, Bitsum always needs support from its users. I can't guarantee today's prices will be those of version 6.
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Will version 6 be the first to support Windows 8 officially?

Jeremy Collake

Quote from: parkd1 on April 01, 2012, 10:30:44 AM
Will version 6 be the first to support Windows 8 officially?

The existing version officially supports it (via minor updates made the last two public builds, and prior planning for it). However, it may certainly further improve existing support, especially as it approaches being done (both Windows 8 and Process Lasso, as we're not sure what we'll end up with yet for Windows 8 ).
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Can't wait, sounds like ver.6 will blow our minds.  :)

Jeremy Collake

I fear I have driven up expectations too high though :o. A lot has changed, everyone will see soon. Even cosmetically. However, people should not expect *too* much - especially in the early pre-release builds.
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Given the these 2 facts :-
-"So, what are you working on in your secret liar?"
- posted on April 01

there is an indication that all may not be as it seems...

However I think #6 will still hold a few pleasant surprises ;)
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Jeremy Collake

I fixed my typo, thanks. Dunno what you mean by posted April 01 (2 days ago). Nevermind, I get it.  :o

A lot of v6 is already done, some of it back-ported to recent v5 releases, other parts still in testing and development. I've been working on it for a weeks. ParkControl is new freeware spliced off from its code base last week. The beta test group gets first dibs on announcements, but I can't help but run my mouth on many of the functional improvements as I complete them. You just have to know where to look ;)
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Quote from: on April 03, 2012, 06:17:23 AMDunno what you mean by posted April 01 (2 days ago).
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Jeremy Collake

Oh yea, April fools ... damn that day, can't say anything true ;p
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Jeremy Collake

BTW, I often post comments about version 6 here - and/or here (less often these days).
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How much of your to do list have you crossed off or have you completed all of it?

Jeremy Collake

Quote from: parkd1 on April 03, 2012, 11:13:32 AM
How much of your to do list have you crossed off or have you completed all of it?

Developers hate such questions ;p. There's a lot more to it than a simple list of tasks to complete. There's all sorts of methodological testing and procedures involved. Code must be tested, regression tested, interoperability tested, reviewed, committed, back-ported sometimes, and more ... Also, there are more tasks on my list than I could complete in a lifetime. Therefore, at some point I'll issue a 'cut off' and quit refactoring the code base and adding features -- then begin the testing and release process.

Anyway, since I pay such a heavy toll for being a 'one man machine', I figure the one benefit I have is not having a manager to ask such questions ;p.

Don't worry though, nobody is more eager than myself for version 6 ;). That you can rest assured of.
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Jeremy Collake

Progress so far:

  • Released ParkControl utility to control CPU Parking - The base of this code is the base that v6 uses to control CPU Parking (for Vista and above /w supporting CPUs)
  • Created new, more sophisticated monitoring system for the core engine (soon to be back-ported). It handles all cases of it, no matter how many instances, in what user sessions -- or if you've opted to run the governor as a service.
  • Added 'trim virtual memory' watchdog action (back-ported to last v5 build)
  • Changed internal memory metric computations, switched everything to a more basic and understandable default view of process' memory consumption (for Vista and above)
  • Updated and improved lowest level process management components
  • Improved intrinsic service integration (back-ported much of it to the last v5 minor build)
  • All other changes in the last v5 minor build were back-ports from v6
  • Unspecified improvements and additions of a large nature ;p .. (seriously, I don't want to give it all away)

However, I do request you guys all give me a little time. Remember, I just announced I was working on it, I gotta have some time to get it ready for the public. The worst thing I can do is release it pre-maturely. TRUST ME, anything cool and easy to back-port to v5, I'll do so near immediately - so nobody is missing out on anything that's 'done'. I mean, a week isn't enough for a quality product ;). I can throw something out there in a week, but it's not quality. Also remember, I still write everything *myself*, not using fancy third-party controls and such.

I hope users continue to support development of Process Lasso by purchasing a license. It really is worth it. You get your money out of it, I'm sure of that.

Thanks to all our supporters and those who chose to use Bitsum software!
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