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Started by jleon, April 11, 2012, 10:41:00 AM

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I am evaluating your program.  I have a legacy vb program that does screen scraping from a mainframe.  I need to run several hundred sessions so they each run in their own Windows terminal server session all using the same windows profile login.  Since they are all using the same login account (autosession) and running the same program (screenscraper.exe), are they any special configurations settings in probalance i need to make.  Normally 2 or 3 sessions will bring the CPU to 100% but a TS can handle as many as 75-100 simultaneous sessions before it starts crapping out.  I'm hoping your program will allow me to get a little more out of the terminal server.  :)

Jeremy Collake

Indeed, it may very well allow you to get a little more out of your Terminal Server.

What I'd recommend is installing the core engine as a service. After install, you may want to change the Service Config to 'Always restart' (see Windows Services config, Recovery Tab of that service), just for safety -- as you want it always running. This is something future versions will set themselves (which is why its on my mind).

The GUI can be set to start only for the administrator, or not at all. Do remember, without the GUI, there is no system tray icon - so its easy to forget Process Lasso is even there.

From there, exclude any processes you see 'restrained' (temporarily lowered in priority) that shouldn't be -- in case there are any. This may occur because in high load situations Process Lasso doesn't make the assumption there is only one culprit, it instead acts on any process over the threshold. So, keep an eye on the log the first day or two.

From there, really, it should 'just work'.

I've had countless users tell me that they uninstalled Process Lasso, or it got removed from their startup by accident, and they realized it only when they noticed their system was running slow again ;). It makes that big a difference in at least some cases. I love hearing reports of those who uninstall it, thinking they don't need it, then 'come back' because they didn't realize the impact it had (they'd gotten used to it).

Please report back your experiences, and I'll be happy to further advise or even make tweaks as necessary.

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