Copy command line?

Started by garyamort, April 17, 2012, 12:45:24 PM

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I'm tweaking chrome a bit[added --process-per-site to see if it cuts down on the massive number of processes.

I notice that chrome itself starts some processes with different command line options, and while I can view the command line, I don't see any way to copy and paste it, and trying to copy the looooong line by hand is difficult.

Is there any "copy this process info to clipboard" option?

Jeremy Collake

Sure, I can add that. I will put it on 'the list'. The trick will be adding it without increasing menu bloat, something I've trimmed down a bit in v6 and don't want to back the other direction. Still, surely I can find a way to easily integrate it, even if it has to be in the submenu for less common actions.

FWIW, What Chrome is actually doing is FORKing its process. Now, it gets technical from there ... but since virtual memory is shared between processes, you can imagine a process making a 'copy' of itself, with all the previous memory simply shared. When that new instance modifies any existing memory, a local copy of that memory page is made for that instance. Similarly, the instance can allocate its own memory. That is why 'private bytes' and 'private working set' have become the norm memory metric, especially in Vista and above. In version 6, these are what I rely on. In fact, I'm strongly considering backporting that change to v5, though all back-ports are inherently risky, so we'll see.

I also love to mention that Chrome uses a ProBalance like method, lowering the process priority class of instances holding tabs not currently visible.
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