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Started by GTX2GvO, April 30, 2012, 09:54:11 AM

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I'm wondering about possibilities of Process lasso here.

Right now my most important use Of Process Lasso is to optimize my gaming experience.
(in particular one game had some process issues)

In the current state this Process needs it's affinity set from one CPU to all Cpu's and of course Gaming mode enabled.
OK. For now all is good. Right?

Nope. There's one "spoilsport" around.
It's my browser, which is ALSO active in the background most of the time.

Now I'm looking and hoping for the following type of functionality('s):
- If Process A is active, Reduce Process B's allowed activity.
- If Mode A is active (e.g. Gaming mode), Reduce Process B's allowed activity.

I'm not interested in turning off my browser while the game is running. (I'm likely to use it the second my game is off again)
But it IS having that one last bit of impact on my game's performance.
(Firefox likes to eat RAM)


I know this isn't the solution you were asking about(I'm sure Bitsum will have something to say when they see your post so don't worry), but this add on for FF works very well for me and can mitigate some of the memory loss you are seeing.

Jeremy Collake

For the time being, I'd suggest setting a watchdog rule to 'Trim virtual memory' of Firefox when it exceeds 100MB (or whatever). That way, if/when it does grow to a size that impacts the performance of your game, it is a least trimmed. Now, as I describe, this trimming isn't always a good thing - in fact it usually hurts more than it helps. However, in some cases, it is useful. See for my latest (bad) writing on this issue. This is a Pro-only feature though, I should warn.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Quote from: on May 04, 2012, 08:49:08 AMThis is a Pro-only feature though, I should warn.
No need to warn. I got Pro.  ;)

Jeremy Collake

Ah, good ;). Thank you for your support. I hope that helps.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.