Using SRWIron "Chromium" build browsers

Started by MChevalier, May 27, 2012, 10:35:43 AM

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I've been playing around with the ProLasso x64 build settings in getting the best performance from the browser. I'm using some switches: --enable-http-pipelining, --enable, and --enable-autologon. Sometime my SWRIron hangs up.

Presently I have only set my "Default Power Profile" to 'Balanced'. The thing about a chromium based browser is the piling on of processes of 'iron.exe' (In my case I usually have 23 iron.exe processes) with each showing widely varied arrays of syntax on mouse-over for each process.

To make a long story short when tuning the browser (x86) on my Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64, I am seeking some input from other forum readers and what work-arounds you may have come across.

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I should add that my system is run by a Intel Core 2 Quad CPU

Best regards, Process Lasso Rocks!

Jeremy Collake

Chrome does a pretty good job of managing the process priorities of its forked processes, so it may be best left alone. Although you see a lot of forked processes, these processes share virtual memory between each other, so consume less resources than you might imagine at first. Now, why there is such varied responsiveness of the instances I don't know, and that could suggest something is sub-optimal in your case. Further study would be needed to make any recommendation here (from me), but I'm intently engaged in trying to squeeze out Process Lasso v6 from my brain ;p. Perhaps a reader with some experience in your usage scenario and Chromium fork can assist more than myself.
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