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EARLY Version 6 Alpha

Started by Jeremy Collake, June 06, 2012, 10:08:25 AM

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Jeremy Collake

I will say no more, as it is an early release. That said, A LOT of cool new things are already there, with many more coming. Most things should do fine, some may be broken, but I may be uploading 3 builds a day as I continue to get this to beta, then to final. In order to improve our Q/A, this is the new way of doing things. An early alpha released to select testers. I test, they test, I keep working, and we all find issues. We resolve those issues, I complete remaining functionality in the meantime, and them move on cautiously to final. From there, any MINOR change, even if it is a darn string, needs regression testing. The updater had small anomalies the last couple v5 builds, something that really irked me. Both were my error, while trying to improve localization. I suppose I did so in haste, or was just blind. The 'update' section is easy to not test as well since you don't see it until the next build comes out, something I am rectifying with a new required regression test (emulated update of both types, plus revision history).
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