extract a header?

Started by jwendell, May 31, 2012, 07:45:08 AM

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hi folks, I used extract-ng successfully, it generated the roofs/ dir and 3 files at image_parts/ directory: footer.img, header.img and rootfs.img.

since the rootfs/ dir doesn't contain the linux kernel (it contains the entire filesystem except the kernel - and probably its modules), is it possible that the kernel is stored at header.img? if so, how can I extract it?


Jeremy Collake

Please see the FMK Google Code page for reporting issues and such. It is easier, and you're going to get better feedback. I, and others, will be there. The answer is that if 'header.img' is sufficiently large, that is most likely where it is. The kernel modules could be statically linked in.
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