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Started by Jeremy Collake, July 03, 2012, 01:10:34 AM

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Jeremy Collake

Today I spent over 12 hours straight (maybe 18) doing nothing but QA. I added so many safeties to the code base, you wouldn't believe it. Everything is verified. No handle is closed without first verifying the handle is valid, for instance. That type of stuff. This lets me further diagnose problems that may pop up on some random systems. One of the disheartening things was that I did discover some issues in later v5 builds. I believe some of the very minor back-ports may have caused problems for some people. I am still investigating, but you will see a new v5 build that cleans things up, even I have to revert much of the core code back a long ways.

Version 6 is coming along great .... If you haven't tried it, you are welcome to. You can always downgrade. You can EXPORT your configuration file prior to install, the IMPORT it later if you go back to v5. See the FILE menu.

Non-English users will not get all the benefits of v6, YET.
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I for one appreciate the efforts made.  The hammering out of the code which you obviously regularly do, has resulted in an elegant product.
I will be trying v6 when I can.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks Bertie, I do try ;). I must admit during times of being stretched too thin, I have made mistakes.. but then again, so has every large corporation I know of, lol. That said, the fewer mistakes, the better - obviously. Right now I think the v6 code base, for English users, has now surpassed the stability of the v5 code base, which is good news. Now, I've just got some things to finish up for non-English users, the Services support, and the last UI 'surprise', which many are already aware of ;).
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.