[3.27 beta 3] All processes in GUI show as running under my user name

Started by Scott, November 30, 2008, 04:38:05 PM

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3.27 beta 3 on WinXP SP3

When I run the GUI, all running processes have my own user name displayed in the "User" column--even svchost.exe, lsass.exe, and other services that are actually running under the System account.

I have Process Governor installed and running as a service under the System account, but I can't see why that would matter.  I stopped the service and ran the GUI, and it made no difference to the way processes appeared.

(Actually, when I ran the GUI without the service running, my system froze.  the GUI loaded, I got a warning message saying the service didn't start and that Process Governor would be started as a regular process, and my system froze immediately.)

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the reports, I'll look into both of these. I don't think either is new to v3.27 - if they are happening now, they probably happened to v3.26 as well, whether noticed or not.

I've actually seen the first occur before, and it is something I'm looking into. It is specific to XP when only one user session has been created throughout the current boot time of the OS.

The second issue, the freeze, I haven't seen. I'll do some testing on it. For this to happen -- assuming Process Lasso is at fault -- I would speculate that for some reason the ProcessGovernor.exe or ProcessLasso.exe process started consuming all available CPU cycles, resulting in a virtual freeze. Of course, this behavior should never happen. There is really only one place it could theoretically happen, and I'll restore some safety code to that region to see if it has any effect. If it was a truly hard crash of your system, then I dunno about that.

Anyway, thanks. I'll make sure its all taken care of.
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Jeremy Collake

I added back that safety code in beta 5. I removed it back in v3.2x because it should never happen unless some other application is hooking your NT native APIs and returning invalid/inconsistent/unexpected data. That said, I did need to restore it.. because if that condition were to occur, it would cause such a freeze. However, there is still some uncertainty whether or not this was the cause. I can't even say for sure if Process Lasso was to blame there.

The user association problem is because of the way XP handles user sessions. I'm working on a fix.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.