Restart process if exceeds % CPU usage: has two settings enabled, freezes

Started by Mickets, July 11, 2012, 11:41:29 AM

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Sometimes, after many hours running, Firefox can consume lots of RAM ( > 1Gb ) and/or use lots of CPU (usually due to some plugin going crazy - particularly recent versions of Flash).

So I decided to set Process Lasso to restart Firefox if (a) it exceeds a certain amount of RAM usage, or (b) it exceeds a certain amount of CPU usage.

It's working OK, but it's restarting more often than I wanted, so I want to change the CPU usage thresholds I set. But now I come across a problem:

- The CPU usage has two percentages set. When I ticked the higher value, shouldn't the lower value have been automatically un-selected?
- When I try to un-tick one of the options, Process Lasso freezes. And the interface has to be shutdown via Task Manager.

I made an animated screengrab of what happens, in SWF, and placed it here:

I would like to check the Process Lasso logs, but: where are the log files stored? I can't find the log files anywhere.

Also, maybe I can change the process's settings and remove/change the CPU thresholds. But, again, where are Process Lasso's settings stored?

Thanks for any help!



Have you tried this with chrome or opera browsers? Its certainy firefox plugin-container problem. You can disable plugin-container for sure, but instead of that i rather use chrome or opera for my surfing pleasure.

For some damn reason, FF is way slower, i mean WAY slower when viewing flash bases sites including youtube.

Oh, and i've heard that Kaspersky products bogs down FF. But with chrome everything works flawlessly.

Sigh Mozilla...sigh. Hire! :D



I'm aware that some problems on FF are due to plug-ins, not FF itself. FF wisely runs the plug-ins separately, in the "plugincontainer" process, so if a plug-in crashes (Adobe Flash, anyone?), FF remains running.

I've used Chrome and Opera, but I'm a FF fan, and the latest versions, since 10, are really good and fast. But if I leave FF running for days (yes, days), it's no surprise that RAM usage increases more than I desire, or that some plug-in goes crazy. Specially when I tend to have too many tabs open ( > 10).

The "restart process if" option in Process Lasso does a good job. But I was too strict when I chose the CPU/RAM settings, and now I want to increase the setting. But I can't: Process Lasso freezes.

Where are the settings stored?
Where is the run log stored?


OK, forget my questions: I just found them in the "All Users" folder... Strange, as Windows Search didn't show these in the results...

:P  :P  :P

Jeremy Collake

Thank you for the report. This menu system for the watchdog options was confusing and prone to contradictory rules. Therefore, it was removed in v6, and the path towards resolution is v6 final (when available).

FWIW, you can get to the settings also by clicking 'Options / Advanced / Manually edit INI file'. As for the freezing of Process Lasso's GUI when you attempt to change the config, you may want to try v6. It should be stable enough for your uses. I am not sure this will be fixed for v5. As I indicated, I tossed out the confusing menu system of version 5 that could cause misconfigurations.
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