Where do I send crash dumps?

Started by gman68w, July 14, 2012, 04:37:25 PM

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I got my first PL crash since never, and while the program graciously opened the folder containing the dump, it never actually mentioned where to send it. I'd have attached it to this thread, but these boards aren't configured for .dmp file attachments.


You can send it to support@bitsum.com

You may need to zip it up and even may have to split it up if it is to big to send.

Jeremy Collake

The newer ones are smaller, but as important right now is to please include your INI file and LOG files as well (same path by default). I believe I'm seeing some upgrade anomalies. e.g. People with older rules and settings having the program get 'confused'. I assume you are in v6, but either way, please send all three. If you can't email, then email me and I'll give you an alternate option.
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