Power Option in Foreign Language since update yesterday (MOD: not Process Lasso)

Started by gamesturbator, July 24, 2012, 07:51:37 AM

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Not sure what language it is. Just thought it was weird. Seems to only be in the power profile settings.

Jeremy Collake

First, that is no foreign language, that is a corrupted string (EDIT: mixed with a foreign language ;p)

These are taken directly from your system's power profiles using the APIs to enumerate your power profiles. In other words, they don't pre-exist in Process Lasso as specific names. I am not sure how to account for this bizarre behavior. Your Power Profiles may have been corrupted somehow (not by Process Lasso, it does not edit their names or create them). Either that or some weird bug in Process Lasso is causing the Power Profile name to be corrupted after retrieval.

I would check to see if this is listed in the Power Options of Windows. Please report back. If it is there, I can only say I know Process Lasso didn't put it there ;). Then we'll know if it is display problem with Process Lasso or your PC. Clearly something else is managing your Power Profiles...
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You are right that it is my system. I checked my Windows power options and they match lasso's list. Well, I only had 4 profiles before the update yesterday "Trimming" (a custom one I set up), Balanced, Power Saver and High performance. Now I have 6 including the aforementioned, one of which I found out matches Vietnamese which loosely translates as "covered by plans to increase" or "are planning to increase".

So there you go, it is most certainly a foreign language and even includes Vietnamese punctuation symbols as I found out by looking at a Vietnamese translation site. Thought I got rid of all my language packs a long time ago. Guess not.

Update: I installed (MOD EDIT: REDACTED) yesterday and it is the cause of all this havoc LOL BTW, does Lasso's gaming mode and [some application] handle things the same way? Thanks.

Jeremy Collake

1. I stand corrected on the language. It didn't look like a foreign language I knew, especially mixed with English ;p.
2. Glad you found the cause (a product from a different company).

QuoteUpdate: I installed [some application] yesterday and it is the cause of all this havoc LOL BTW, does Lasso's gaming mode and [some application] handle things the same way?

I can not honestly say because I have not *fully* evaluated [REDACTED]. It *does* do things differently, I can say that much. I do not want to comment on the way it does things in public. The two probably work ok together because Process Lasso is designed to 'play it safe' when conflicts arise. They can co-exist fine AFAIK.

I can say that, according to your report, one of them just mucked up your power profiles -- And it wasn't Process Lasso ;). So, that may say something - though I've had my bugs too!
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Replied before but checked back and it was gone for some reason.  Luckily, I have Lazarus for Firefox. :)

Then I noticed the PM notice above after reposting everything  ;D

Deleted now. LOL

Jeremy Collake

It's quite fine. I don't mind discussing other products. As your deleted post indicated, there are certain negative things about some companies that I don't want to 'get into'. I do encourage consumers to do their homework, and buy from the 'nice guys'. After all, that's what most consumers want - honesty and integrity in business. That's not to say the competing company lacks it.

As for the real question here, for those who do decide to use such a utility, does it work synergistically with Process Lasso? I'd say, perhaps. But you're not going to see any additional gains in gaming performance, it is just that Process Lasso (obviously) has a lot more options. Since Process Lasso behaves so well in the presence of other utilities mucking around, I can be reasonably confident it won't get confused.. but can't guarantee that, especially if the user has heavily customized Process Lasso.
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Most [some application] that I tested is just stopping some services that are less using, and freeing the memory by trim it(or force it into pagefile)
If you having a low memory, using it can get some performance on process(that using ram hugely)
If it only has function that setting foreground process, that is useless as windows is boosting it.

QuoteShould I turn on foreground boosting?
Windows already does foreground boosting by giving foreground threads 3x longer time slices than background threads [depending on Windows version and configuration] and slightly increasing the thread priority. Process Lasso is capable of doing additional foreground boosting is a 'smart' way that compliments this built in mechanism. However, unless you require it, we generally don't recommend this option be on because the foreground process/thread is probably already boosted as much as will be effective by Windows. Additional boosting probably won't make a difference for most people, but it can in some situations. You can play with foreground thread and/or process boosting and see if you like it, as it should cause no harm -- but just may not benefit as much as you'd hope. The background process 'restraint' is more important function of Process Lasso and the proper way to handle situations where background processes are interfering with the foreground thread, which is already boosted in priority by Windows.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for quoting the FAQ on Foreground Boosting ;). Yes, do not use it. Well, you can if you want, I put it there because some people insist on it - but I advise against it. Those applications that claim to 'boost' processes by increasing their priority class are operating on a false notion, one the user is easily confused by. I also go into 'Why not Foreground Boosting?' on the About ProBalance page.

Also, I strongly advise against stopping or disabling system services. Few system services have any substantial overhead, and the ones that do have a little overhead are designed to operate when your PC goes Idle, and/or operate at low priorities. People blame their deteriorating PC condition on many things, but services are hardly ever the cause - as they were there from day one (in most cases), back when your PC ran like a champ. The inevitable degradation in PC performance is usually due to what gets installed on it.

Also, you are more likely to cause strange system aberrations by shutting down system services than any performance gain.
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Yes, most user found that using some software(will not list at here)to optimize the os will getting bad.
I has checked the way they optimize it, and I found that some are outdated like changing prefetch to 1(boot only), disable the TCP/IP timestamps(making bad in a packet loss network), or going backward like enabling the aero animation effect, changing the local lan cache(work with larger ram, but not smaller ram...)
There are too much to list at here, so I will not list it   :P
So the better way is find out what are the optimize doing for, and optimize yourself(and make sure that what are you doing!).
Or the best/fastest one, not optimize it~  ;D
Every default setting has it own reason.  :D

Jeremy Collake

Yes, bottom line is there are LOTS of scams out there. LOTS OF THEM. They make me sick, as it makes people that much more distrusting of legitimate vendors.

Also, these companies have a knack for getting people to part with their money that I apparently lack ;). Of course, they have tricks and tactics for that too.
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