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Started by Jeremy Collake, July 12, 2008, 08:18:18 PM

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Jeremy Collake

As you know, our .NET compression support is in beta. Its got some problems with some assemblies that I'm still working out. I fear I may have to change my approach. For executables it does work with, you should find it quite nice. I'm curious if anyone is using it, or not, and who it has worked for, and who it hasn't. Thanks to any users who give feedback.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


I don't have many .NET apps and did a little comparing test with interesting results.
The priority wasn't focused so much and only on the size,
just to have a valid executive file.

used Programs:
PECompact2 v2.94.1: default settings
MPRESS v1.27: default settings
NsPack v3.7: compress resources, win loader, strip reloc
PEC2 was the only one, that produced a runable file

Test candidate: FastMD5.exe
Fast MD5 v1.4 (c) 2005/2006 by Dirk Paehl

PEC2   - 14.359 Bytes
MPRESS - 12.615 Bytes (at runtime: error initializing .NET Framework)
Nspack - 38.400 Bytes (at runtime: Failed to load resources from resource file)
PEC2 was the only one, that produces a non-runable file

Test candidate: AlbumArtAggregator.exe
Album Art Aggregator v1.4.6 by nexus

PEC2   - 117.196 Bytes (the exe is not runable anymore)
MPRESS - 126.277 Bytes
Nspack - 140.800 Bytes

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the report on this. I'm glad to see PECompact is succeeding where others fail, at least on some .NET executables ;). I will try to fix whatever the problem is with AlbumArtAggregator compression soon.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


  I started to use PECompact some weeks ago, and this is great!!
Very good compression and no problem with the program (still runable).

The only problem was with the VB.Net programs. I test with 5 programs and they become non-runable. Even the most simple.
All the C#.Net programs still working after the compression.

Daniel Cordeiro
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the report. I'll definitely look into the issue with VB .NET apps soon.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


I'm having the following problem.
I developed a simples Dll that is a hard lock system. And that dll gets the GUID of the program wich are using it.
After using the PECompact the program that uses the DLL, the function that returns the GUID stopped working!

If I doesn't use the hard lock system as dll (put all functions inside de program) it's works!

What could be?

>> Sorry, bad english.