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Started by morganfj, October 05, 2012, 05:21:44 PM

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Something horrible is happening to my Netbook. After years of good service it is now freezing. Processes are not taking up the processor. Downloaded Lasso and during a routine run you will see Processes are normal, no wild process in use.. but Responsiveness Peaks out...! No reason I can find.
SEE ATTACHED IMAGE.. Note: CPU utilization graph column is priority: bitlord is running in Below Normal , Bitlord has never caused a problem and in fact the computer freezes even when it is not running.

Jeremy Collake

The stall could be related to any software you have installed, but is most likely caused by something always running, and something that 'blocks'. That normally means security software, but I see you are using MSE, and it is normally well behaved. You might tone down its real-time scanning at your own risk. If you have ANY OTHER security software installed, it needs to be uninstalled - as that will surely cause problems like this.

You might experiment with disabling DropBox as well, as it sets file system change notification events, injects DLLs, and can potentially cause issues.

I would advise a fresh install of this PC, being careful as you add each piece of software. For all you know, you've got some malware embedded at a deep level, preventing itself from being detected, and causing problems such as this.
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Yup, I will suggest a fresh install, and if your netbook ram is >2G, you can install windows 7(I don't know now it is windows ?).
And maybe it is a bad Hard Disk, just using HDTune to check for it.  ;)