Process Lasso v3.40 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, January 10, 2009, 08:42:31 PM

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Jeremy Collake

Summary: This build fixes an anomaly in v3.38, where each configuration change would only get detected by either the core engine, or the rules column (one or the other). The configuration file load and save functionality has also been completely rewritten, and is now much more optimal. File system accesses and CPU usage have been reduced. Lastly, multiple process selection support has been added.


  • Addition.GUI: Added ability to select multiple processes in the listview.
  • Change.Core: Completely rewrote configuration file load/save code. It is now much more efficient.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed sporadic failure of configuration changes to propagate to the core engine, appeared in v3.38.
  • Fix.Governor: Fixed unnecessary accesses to the configuration file.
  • Fix.InstallHelper: Improved W2k auto-termination of Process Lasso for install.
  • [.1]Fix.Core: Minor fixes and tweaks to new settings code.
  • [.1]Addition.GUI: Restored rules column.
  • [.1]Change.GUI: Updated Russian translation (continued thanks to Dmitry Yerokhin).

32-bit build:
64-bit build:
Pro build:

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