Set all processes to execute on cpu 0 only, with exceptions

Started by loyx, January 12, 2009, 04:22:59 PM

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Hello, is there a way to have all processes be set to cpu 0 by default, but allow exceptions to be executed on cpu 1? I could not find an option like this anywhere in process lasso, and i don't want to enable probalance. Thanks.

Jeremy Collake

Since wildcards are supported, you could add a default affinity of CPU 0 for processes '*'. I've never tried creating a default affinity match-all wildcard, but it should work.

The problem would then be adding your exceptions to this. I probably need to change the code to allow you to place your exceptions after the match-all wildcard. I'll try to add this soon, I just put it on my todo list.

Once I get this change done, your default affinity list might look like:

*             CPU 0
someprocess   CPU 1
someother     CPU 1
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Yeah, I tried setting * to cpu 0 and setting the processes I want to be in the "exception" to one and it doesn't work, it just goes to 0. Thank you for considering it for your next version.