Don't fall for OEM scams

Started by Jeremy Collake, November 18, 2012, 06:33:04 PM

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Jeremy Collake

These days, you can be sure any software labelled 'OEM', or any discount site with 'OEM software', is actually pirated software. While this acronym is used from time to time, it is mostly a code name for piracy. Piracy puts you and your PC at risk because you may end up with a malware infestation. In fact, you likely will unless you have a good 'source', as all search results may be the worst of the bunch. And don't expect your security software to defend you, they are normally a day or two behind, which is all it takes. Once infected with malware, it often embeds itself at a low level, using rootkit-like stealth mechanisms to hide its presence from almost all security software. To detect it reliably requires an 'offline scan' (not referring to the network). This is a scan while the OS is not booted, so the malware is not loaded to have hidden itself. Sadly, few security software can do this, so it may require a technician. Bottom line: Don't take the chance. You may end up with an infected PC for years and never know your PC is being used in attacks, or your personal information stolen.

There is NO Process Lasso 'OEM'. Any licenses bought from these vendors are invalid and can't be honored.

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