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Standby of computer

Started by ripley, November 23, 2012, 12:58:55 PM

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Hi guys,

lately I encounter a strange problem when sending my computer to standby that after a couple of seconds (20 - 100) it suddenly wakes up with no reason. Finally I shut down ProLasso and the PC remained in standby.
I disabled all energy profiles and tried everything, (I didn't change the configuration of ProLasso either). Is there a chance to check what my problem is? Two weeks ago (I think) everything was working fine.

Thank you.


P.S.: I also updated the program to the last version


Try one of the timers to disable PL when machine has been idle and match it to your standby timer if you have one set.

Menu>>>Options>>>ProBalance/Disable Probalance when PC has been idle for ...>>> choose a timer

Jeremy Collake

Can you email me your configuration file (can get to it via Options / Advanced or right click in the log and select to jump to the log location, in the same folder you will see the INI - at least by default)? This will allow me to evaluate possible configuration anomalies. If we assume there is no misconfiguration, then we are talking about a bug, and a fairly serious one at that. First, let us rule out the obvious. Please email me at or paste your configuration here for perhaps more prompt help.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

Note that I've done some testing here and have not been able to replicate what you see, FWIW... so it may very well be something in your configuration or particular to your PC. I'll know more when I look at the INI file. Send the LOG along with it ;).
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.