Need to remove some pages from DD-WRT GUI

Started by rana, October 10, 2012, 03:08:19 AM

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Hi all,

I need to remove some pages from DD-WRT web GUI, but could not get any help.

I had already extracted the firmware and extracted GUI using FMK, there is no such help regarding remove some pages from web interface i.e. hotspot, EoIP etc.

Need your help !!!


Hi Rana, I don't think this issue is supported. But have you found a way to this already?
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Jeremy Collake

Since I just updated the webdecomp to handle some tweaks from DD-WRT to break the kit, you can do this by:

Use to extract firmware
Use to extract the web package
Delete the files of the pages you don't want
Use to rebuild the web package
Use to rebuild the firmware
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