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Why you should ALWAYS remove devices safely...

Started by hanemach_gt, December 27, 2012, 06:22:14 AM

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I accidentally unplugged my pen-drive and now previously copied file looks like that:

It could happen to any file.

And, for your information, this file had been copied before I unplugged the device.
<img src="[url=""][/url]"/>


I didn't express well, sorry. I corrected my post in hope it's more understandable right now.
<img src="[url=""][/url]"/>


Ya, so the file inside the pen-drive is alright?
It will be damaged when it is writing, but how about when it is reading? ;)
And now we know the windows don't identify the file is copy completely or not, and I need to remember that, check their SHA1 if I am copying important files.

PS:So the SHA1 of the file is difference with the files inside the pen-drive?


Writing of this image file completed because I was able to open it with no trouble before I abruptly unplugged the pen-drive.
<img src="[url=""][/url]"/>


So, it might be causing by the cache, if you don't safe remove the pen-drive, it don't flush the data into the hard disk, and cause the cache loss?

And I think the cache problem will increase in windows 8(If you tick"turn off windows write-cache buffer flushing"), as I extract the Rar file, it write into the cache first with 1xxMb/s in a short time(sometimes), and the modified file showed in task manager will increase until windows think it is danger to keep too much of it and start flushing into hard disk.
But it is ok for me, as I can start running the software without waiting it flushing all into hard disk.


I don't do a lot of copy/paste or move with USB flash drives , I always try to make sure I use the system tray , safe to remove thing .

I wonder though would be safer to try and always just copy files from the drive, instead of move , that might be safer for files on drive as your just copying and not moving , not sure it maters but might .
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Ya, I always copy first, then delete it.
I only hard remove the pen-drive if the explorer.exe is hang, and this always means that is a damaged pen-drive/plug/jack. :)


I never move files, always copy and manually delete. The worst thing is when explorer.exe crashes or something interrupts its task and you have to manually find out what has been moved and what hasn't.
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Ya, but safely first ;)
I only move the file if I am moving on the same drive(like C: to C:) as it just a quick operation.