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Started by bluelake, February 13, 2009, 12:35:15 AM

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I've been living under a rock I guess but I bought/ donated to Process Lasso last March and really didn't pay any attention to which way the product was going to go once released.  When I needed to enter a user name and password to download an update today my user area showed that my subscription is expiring in March, but then elsewhere once I registered for the forum I see mention of free personal use, paid corporate use etc.  I'm a bit confused.

Is the Pro version now a subscription?  Is it free for personal use, pay for corporate?  How do we 'old people' handle this?  How about the lifetime option?  I guess, depending on what is going to happen on my one year anniversary in March I'll make a decision as to going year or lifetime, but, and I know this may sound strange-- it sounds like you're not really sure yet yourself what direction your going with it yet.  I was happy to donate to the cause last year, but if I'm going to buy it now I'd like to know what my options are now and down the road a little bit so I don't buy a subscription to find out it would have been better to go the lifetime route.

Now that I know there's a forum and you are as active in developing PL as you are I'd like to throw in an opinion -- feature request or two in the pot every once in a while.  Like almost everyone else I have read here tonight, I really think you've got a hold great product here.  I'm kind of a habitual tweaker and this product is like cheap psycho therapy for me.  I'm always fiddling with it and see definte results.


from what I can make out reading the site

The pro version is still fully registered and will stay like that forever.

There are now two options....12 month update subscription, and lifetime....Naturally the lifetime one is the best choice, because I for one find it annoying having to pay every year.

And yes the pro version is still free for personal use. I won't go into the corporate purchase thingy, because it doesn't concern me.

Jeremy Collake

Sorry for the delay in response, sometimes I miss forum postings.

Process Lasso is now available in two versions, with the Pro version requiring purchase .. even for home users. I was forced to take this action because donations and commercial purchases simply didn't add up to enough to warrant continued development. In fact, sales are still a little insufficient, but they now at least give me some encouragement ;).

The non-Pro version is free for home use. Any mentions of Process Lasso PRO being free for home use need to be cleaned up. I'll look around and see if I can figure out where you saw that at. It's likely that I haven't made the distinction between the Pro and free builds clear.

For older users who purchased the one year license, I'll offer a cheaper upgrade to a lifetime license. I need to work on the license renewal system a bit, as currently you'd just be renewing your one year subscription. It should be done by the time your license expires for sure.

Thanks for your support.
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