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Started by BenYeeHua, January 21, 2013, 10:11:36 PM

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Quote from: AtlBo on January 21, 2013, 03:01:14 PM
Windows native optimization has always been completely inadequate.  To the best of my determination, it would take on a heavily used system running XP, Vista, or 7 2 to 5 years for adjustments to be made at the core level of run-time of the OS.  This is just one adjustment.  Windows works like a champ out of the box until you change ANYTHING.  It's all down hill from there.

Add ProcessLasso.  PL is causing these core changes to happen at an almost alarming rate on my PC :).  The snappy responses are amazing.  I have the Options->General->Recheck settings every... option set to 250 milliseconds on a core2duo HP, and I can't believe the difference.  I am monitoring temps of the CPUs and graphics card, and they are excellent.  The GPU has gone up from 60 to about 65 degrees, but it's rated for a maximum of 95 degrees.  The CPUs are cruising at right around 40 degrees.

Well, I finally installed this on my father's Pentium 4 1.7 GHz.  He is flying around the net now and can't believe the improvement.  I can't either.  I've never witnessed anything associated with computers like what PL does for a P4.

20 years ago I started hoping someone would write something that forces MS optimization routines to come to life.  I knew it was in there somewhere to bring out.  Thanks bitsum...I now have a dream machine!

Anyone with any question about this software...please try it.  Windows is the executioner of your PC and life without this.  Believe me your PC problems aren't your fault.  PL is the proof...
Except you are downloading virus and running it. ;D
MS has been doing many optimization on the windows, just using windows 8 with a DirectX 11.1 graphic card, it decrease the GPU load and process time for all the animation, it offload the jobs that GPU is faster than CPU, it support SSD to run TRIM everyday etc.
It also using the core-parking to park the whole core, it decrease the tick time so the CPU can sleep longer for battery save.
It decrease the performance, but we are human, so we are using Process Lasso to control the system, making it better when we want it.

And ya, Optimization never enough, as computer still working as switching the threads, it is not a Real-Time System.
The reason why Microsoft can't just doing optimizing for the windows, is they need to support the old software to running in their newest windows, and they never know which type of software is running on the windows, gaming? or converting?

Just compare windows and linux, linux is faster than windows as it can optimize yourself for the software, but it depend on work.
And welcome to Bitsum. ;)

If you has some money, you can also giving SSD and windows 8 a try.
SSD+Process Lasso+Windows 8=Super Snappy. :D

Monitoring your computer is a good behave, you can know why it lag, you can know why the fans is running at the highest speed, you can know anything you need to know. :)


BenYeeHua threw a very good subject and here's the right place for anyone to express their opinion on the scheduler of the world's most popular (yet) operating system.  :)
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Quote from: hanemach_gt on January 22, 2013, 10:17:18 AM
BenYeeHua threw a very good subject and here's the right place for anyone to express their opinion on the scheduler of the world's most popular (yet) operating system.  :)
As you know, Microsoft don't like to document their Kernel/Windows for public, but they public the setting to tweak it.
So we can know the function through the setting. ;)

As windows 8 has changing for more depend on GPU, and depend back to the TSC as Intel having constant tsc and it has a lower access time for HPET, which increase the performance of Firefox to GC.
While decrease the battery but not affect much on performance except the core-parking.

I will like to see what magic windows blue(9) will giving. :D
Ready for HSA(Heterogeneous System Architecture)?
Or devs will not switching to OpenCL and let is lose?

Jeremy Collake

Windows 9 will probably revert to what Windows 7 is, at least for the PC :).. Or maybe Windows 10. I am not seeing Windows 8 as being successful. It isn't as hated as Vista was, but Metro simply must be optional for PC installations. We'll see how stubborn Microsoft is. As for scheduler improvements, who knows. Vista had some scheduler improvements (e.g. cycle based time-slices instead of clock based time-slices), but the core problems with CPU monopolization remained.
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Yup, maybe Microsoft wanna to getting back the mobile zone, just like Intel.
Except AMD coming with a 8 core with a good IPC, which making more work can be do on the same time(to make it more like real-time), and also hope less power consumption for mobile. ;)