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changing the config file

Started by throttling, March 17, 2013, 06:11:37 PM

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I was making a game that had two con-fig files in the process lasso portable directory. they are prolasso.ini and prolasso3.ini. when the game wanted to change the behavior of the program it would change prolasso.ini to prolasso2.ini and prolasso3.ini to prolasso.ini(making it the main config file). For a while this updated process lasso to use the new config and make changes to the process. But I can no longer get it to work so I'm scraping the game. The only way I can get it to accept the new config file is to manually make a change within the program itself, but not through manually edit the config file which used to work. The thing I don't understand is that process lasso is now technically running without a config file.


Try this.
Just put to difference folder, and use the command to change the folder/config. ;)

Jeremy Collake

It is supposed to register a file system change notification event that tells it when the configuration file changed, causing it to reload the configuration file. I suppose it is possible this is not working right, I will do some testing to check. When it is working right, what you are doing should work fine.

As for running without a configuration file .. A configuration file isn't strictly mandatory. If one isn't there, then it will use the defaults. Of course, no configuration changes will be saved. Likewise, you can delete the configuration file while Process Lasso is in use, and it will recreate it with the settings that instance last loaded, or the defaults if no settings were loaded.

I've long thought about adding configuration profiles that can be swapped between for various criteria, though have not done it yet.
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Jeremy Collake

Oh, on what medium is the portable edition directory? This is important because network shares, for instance, don't support file system change notifications. Of course, if whatever medium you are running it on hasn't changed since it was working, then that is not the issue here.
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I keep getting inconsistent data, but I know that with balloon pop up notifications. It will recognize the new config file. Process lasso may also sometimes update the config file without a  balloon popup but it only works under high load situations. For example a process that isn't throttled will be able to change to a config file without throttling but I haven't been able to get it to go from a throttling config file to a fullspeed config file. I think since process lasso restraint is outside the config file, maybe that's why it's able to update the state of the program and recognize the config file.(with the update anyway)

Jeremy Collake

I have made some code adjustments that I believe will work in v6.0.2.73 beta, a build coming in a few minutes. It also adds additional debug output that will help if it doesn't work. I will be testing in time, but figured I would give you a heads up.

Currently .71 is sitting, unannounced, on the server, so don't get that build confused with .73 that is coming.
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thank you for working on it. I could see by the revision log youv'e definetly been busy. I could only get changing a config file to work if balloon notifications were enabled and the process being throttled was also under prolasso restraint when that happened it would apply the rules in the new config file. Otherwise it would stick to the original config file. I tested this on the windows x86 starter computer.

Additional Information: When ballon notifications is enabled, it will update the config file even when no pop up notification appears when under process lasso restraint(or where it used to show a pop up for process lasso restraint.). It will go from full speed to recognizing the throttle config but will not switch back. I have not tested the new process lasso on the 64 bit computer. I was able to get the config files to switch at one point but I can no longer get it to work. I have tested multiple versions of process lasso. I'm not sure what's causing it. The x86 computer has never been able to switch config files except for the progress that was made after this release.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the report!

At present, do expect the governor to adopt configuration changes, but don't expect the GUI to until the user interacts with it. I need to work on making the GUI, in addition to the governor, monitor the configuration file for changes, instead of checking for changes on user actions.

Whether the governor's config change detection is working right I will evaluate also during testing.

I believe that these issues will resolve as I test and continue work.

Note that the debug log may also have somewhat helpful. It is created in the same default folder as the log (right click in log pane to jump to it). This debug log should now be emitting information about the configuration file change detection of the governor (nothing for the GUI since it manually checks for changes on user actions).
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.