Reminder: Windows 8 has its own security software built-in!

Started by Jeremy Collake, March 23, 2013, 03:41:07 PM

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Jeremy Collake

Although you won't see it until something is detected, did you know that Microsoft Security Essentials is now part of Windows Defender, and built into Windows 8? Yes, that's right, you need NOT install any third-party security software!
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yes, while don't have win8 i here it take place of windows defender .
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Jeremy Collake

While I feel absurd stating something like this, it's so easy to forget it's there, and the more reminders the better... if only to cut down on third-party security software use.

There is no system tray icon now, except for the all-inclusive security status icon that may show up... no overt indication it's running. It hardly ever has false positives (I've not had one), and it just works.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Ya, and most people don't like it because it is quiet.
They are thinking.
Did it works? Did it works? Did it works? :o
1.They can't hold anymore and install other anti-virus
2.Nah~ I don't care anymore, just do my daily backup, anti-virus is not a god.
Just remember, it is just an anti-virus. ;)