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Started by horizon, April 01, 2009, 04:10:50 PM

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I hope, this is not duplicated request, but I have found myself often limited by applications, that generate a lot of I/Os, rather than CPU load. (wXP, w2k3)

For instance Sysinternals Process Explorer is displaying a lot of nice counters.

Based on my observation, I have found out, that even by lowering priority of the process, that generates a lot of "I/O Delta Reads" (10000+), I can gain some extra responsiveness of my system. (I know I should solve this by obtaining better storage subsystem. :) )
I believe, that responsiveness-gain is not a placebo effect, but rather side-effect of application getting less time-slices for requesting of these I/Os. However still, it seems to be helping enough...

I've been wondering, if there is some plan to enable process priority adjusting based on custom counters. (Not just CPU or "system responsiveness").

Of course, that on different systems, different values of counters are important, but this is up to everybody to find the proper values for his system.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider adding the ability to use custom counters. I won't make any guarantees at this point, but it could appear in a future version.

You are right that a process whose priority class has been lowered may have less time slices to issue and handle I/O requests, possibly slowing its rate of I/O... at least in many circumstances. However, keep in mind that in Vista+ the I/O priority will have also been lowered.
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