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Started by neophil78, April 01, 2013, 12:57:10 PM

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Hi there,

I get Process Lasso Pro installed on several XP SP3 PC's since it came out
Suddenly about one hour ago, on one of these PC's i got a Runtime error message:

Program: C:\Program Files\Process Lasso\ProcessLasso.exe
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it an unsual way.
Please contact the application's support team form more information.

I tried to re install this version of Process Lasso, but still the same error message  :(
I also tried to re install over the, still the same error message :(
Were should be the trouble ??? 

N.B: i did nothing special on my PC which might have corrupt the C++ visual Basic runtime (last 2005, 2008 & 2010 installed)


maybe try latest beta ( cause there was a crash fix for GUI, maybe you have same issue .

Edit: since older version is crashing too, I would recommend to uninstall PL , then make sure nothing left behind in any of PL folders (default install path and user\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\processlasso

once all clean then try installing , I never had a issue with left behind but worth a check just in case .
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Did what you suggested: uninstall PL and cleaned up some PL folders still there, then install the ... and the runtime error is no more there  :P

Just wonder why i didn't get that error before (i get PL installed on 5 XP's running quiet same programs and 1 Seven's) and why only on 1 of them without having done any changes at all since at least the last update of PL indeed (though since March, 27th)


hard for me to say, but glad it works .
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Jeremy Collake

Process Lasso is statically linked to the MS VC++ runtime library. This means it does NOT use the external DLLs. All the code that it needs from the library is built into Process Lasso's EXE modules.

This is a very unusual error, to be honest. I wonder if there is any third party DLLs mapped into the Process Lasso address space, and thus executing code in its address space.

Why do I wonder this? Because Process Lasso has a top level exception handler that gets crashes from its threads. Therefore, a crash like this suggests a thread from a third-party running in the Process Lasso address space. Maybe it's true, maybe not.

You can check the DLLs mapped into ProcessLasso.exe (Process Lasso has such a feature in the View menu, threads and modules tab). The address of the exception will then tell you what module it's in. Perhaps the module is listed with the crash information.
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