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Started by MrZebulon, April 19, 2009, 04:22:23 AM

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Hello All,

I wanted to install Process Lasso v3.54.7 64bit-version on Vista 64 Ultimate. But the Installer refused to install saying "this ist not a 64bit OS please choose the 32bit-version"!
Whats wrong?? it's defently Vista 64!!
Many thanks a greetings

Jeremy Collake


Thanks for reporting this. I just tested and have not been able to reproduce that errata yet (it seems to work ok in my Vista x64 test bed). I will update you if I get any clues to the problem. It is likely a failure of the method I use to check for x64 operating systems. Perhaps that method isn't as full-proof as I thought. It may have something to do with your compatibility settings, or perhaps a registry cleaner removed or changed an important registry key.

In the next update, I will allow users to continue on with installation regardless of that warning... and improve the x64 detection method to avoid problems like this. This update will be to the existing final build, so I should take care of it within the next 18 hours (at latest).

In the meantime, you could temporarily install the x32 version. It should work fine in x64.

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Jeremy Collake

My x64 OS detection relies on the registry value:

key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
value: "ProgramFilesDir"

Do you know how to use 'regedit'? If so, can you tell me the value of this registry value on your system? It should read something like "c:\program files (x86)". If it doesn't, or that key doesn't exist, you can fix this problem by changing it to read something along those lines. Before making any registry changes, just be sure you are really running Vista x64, which I am taking your word for. As you know many 64-bit processors still use the 32-bit version of Windows, but you sound confident in what OS you are using ;).

The purpose of this is that I believe your system is unique in some way, and want to confirm this change in x64 detection methods is necessary and will work correctly. I've never heard of another failure like this, and can't reproduce it. I wonder if you've run any registry cleaning tools, or modified the config to change this default program files path?

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Hello Jeremy,

my registry entry is: ProgramFilesDir - C:\Program Files
                            ProgramFilesDir (x86) - C:\Program Files (x86)

but I would like to change them because my standad - target for installations ist F:\Programme.

Could you change the detection method for 64 bit - Vista??
Some ideas: Vista 64 has the IE 64bit-version installed or the folder: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\

Many thanks for your great software: I'm registered for ProcessLasso and PE-Compact :-)

Kind greetings

Jeremy Collake

Ah, I see the problem then. My check was not reliable enough. I will work to resolve this.

In the meantime, I updated v3.55.4 alpha so that you can continue with the install even after this error is shown. I haven't tested it, but it should work.


Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.