win8 + avira 2013 + process lasso (manage processes of all users) = can't logout

Started by twu2, April 08, 2013, 11:51:39 AM

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If enable Process Lasso's 'Manage processes of all users' option on a Windows 8 x64 machine with Avira free Antivirus 2013.
Then the system can't logout anymore, it will stay in a black screen after click logout.
And (I think it's same reason), the Remote Desktop function (host) not work anymore. When the RDP client connect to this machine, after input the username and password, then it drop the connection. (the event log will show the logout event following login event for such session)

disable this option and reboot the machine to run process lasso without such option, the logout function and remote desktop host work fine.

if without Avira free antivirus 2013, then logout function and remote desktop host also work fine (with or without 'Manage processes of all users' option).


Ya, with antivirus, anything will happen.
What is the process name?
Maybe they change the process name, and Process Lasso getting the information from Avira 2013, then this happen? :)