Author Topic: How to collect debug output using DebugView  (Read 4195 times)

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How to collect debug output using DebugView
« on: December 07, 2013, 02:55:52 PM »
    Debug Build Downloads

    Make SURE you download the right edition. Unlike the release build installers, the debug build will NOT automatically download the right one!

    • 32-bit Workstation Edition (
    • 64-bit Workstation Edition (
    • 32-bit Server Edition (
    • 64-bit Server Edition (
    To collect debug output  (p.s. full debug output will be available in v6.7.0.17 beta):

    • Exit Process Lasso
    • Run 'DebugView (' from SysInternals
    • Start Process Lasso
    • Let DebugView collect data for however long is necessary (depends on when the issue is seen).
    • Use 'File / Save as ...' to save the DegugView output. Then send that log file to .

    Minidumps are also enabled. These are particularly important if your bug report involves a crash of a Process Lasso component. If a minidump is generated, you will be directed to it. Simply ZIP and email to us at .

    WARNING: If you don't set any maximum history depth in DebugView, it can eventually collect so much log output that it consumes a massive amount of virtual memory. It'll still work and function, and so will your PC, but the DebugView interface may start being a bit lagged. If you do set a history depth limit, then set a fairly large one, e.g. 50000 entries, to make sure we don't miss the output we need.[/li][/list]

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