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Started by TripleRLtd, January 02, 2014, 02:23:14 PM

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Long time Jeremy....and still use this on some machines and recommend to some customers for their particular machines. Seeing your new offer and having one with Kasperski IS again, I was wondering if the issue with it interfering with Pro Lasso was fixed? TIA...


I guess your old post about this issues is lost?
As I see you has 2 post, but I can only found 1 post, which is this one.

You can try the Process Lasso demo and see did it has issues or not. :)


Ah, I do believe we talked about that issue via email. That said, and after reading the last post in the following thread which is pinned:

Did you know that...? Things that might have not been added to the FAQ, but are worth knowing.
Started by jeremy collake

...I can confirm that PL now works fine with KIS v14,
Good job sir!


Ok, good to hear about that.  :)

And if you see the blacklist for Chromium, you will see many anti-virus dll also get blocked too. ;)
So for most devs, anti-virus is a virus for them. ;D
// The DLLs listed here are known (or under strong suspicion) of causing crashes
// when they are loaded in the renderer. Note: at runtime we generate short
// versions of the dll name only if the dll has an extension.
// For more information about how this list is generated, and how to get off
// of it, see:
const wchar_t* const kTroublesomeDlls[] = {
  L"adialhk.dll",                 // Kaspersky Internet Security.
  L"acpiz.dll",                   // Unknown.
  L"akinsofthook32.dll",          // Akinsoft Software Engineering.
  L"avgrsstx.dll",                // AVG 8.
  L"babylonchromepi.dll",         // Babylon translator.
  L"btkeyind.dll",                // Widcomm Bluetooth.
  L"cmcsyshk.dll",                // CMC Internet Security.
  L"cmsetac.dll",                 // Unknown (suspected malware).
  L"cooliris.dll",                // CoolIris.
  L"dockshellhook.dll",           // Stardock Objectdock.
  L"easyhook32.dll",              // GDIPP and others.
  L"googledesktopnetwork3.dll",   // Google Desktop Search v5.
  L"fwhook.dll",                  // PC Tools Firewall Plus.
  L"hookprocesscreation.dll",     // Blumentals Program protector.
  L"hookterminateapis.dll",       // Blumentals and Cyberprinter.
  L"hookprintapis.dll",           // Cyberprinter.
  L"imon.dll",                    // NOD32 Antivirus.
  L"another companyHL.dll",                  // another company (some legacy optimization software).
  L"kloehk.dll",                  // Kaspersky Internet Security.
  L"lawenforcer.dll",             // Spyware-Browser AntiSpyware (Spybro).
  L"libdivx.dll",                 // DivX.
  L"lvprcinj01.dll",              // Logitech QuickCam.
  L"madchook.dll",                // Madshi (generic hooking library).
  L"mdnsnsp.dll",                 // Bonjour.
  L"moonsysh.dll",                // Moon Secure Antivirus.
  L"mpk.dll",                     // KGB Spy.
  L"npdivx32.dll",                // DivX.
  L"npggNT.des",                  // GameGuard 2008.
  L"npggNT.dll",                  // GameGuard (older).
  L"oawatch.dll",                 // Online Armor.
  L"pavhook.dll",                 // Panda Internet Security.
  L"pavlsphook.dll",              // Panda Antivirus.
  L"pavshook.dll",                // Panda Antivirus.
  L"pavshookwow.dll",             // Panda Antivirus.
  L"pctavhook.dll",               // PC Tools Antivirus.
  L"pctgmhk.dll",                 // PC Tools Spyware Doctor.
  L"prntrack.dll",                // Pharos Systems.
  L"protector.dll",               // Unknown (suspected malware).
  L"radhslib.dll",                // Radiant Naomi Internet Filter.
  L"radprlib.dll",                // Radiant Naomi Internet Filter.
  L"rapportnikko.dll",            // Trustware Rapport.
  L"rlhook.dll",                  // Trustware Bufferzone.
  L"rooksdol.dll",                // Trustware Rapport.
  L"rndlpepperbrowserrecordhelper.dll", // RealPlayer.
  L"rpchromebrowserrecordhelper.dll",   // RealPlayer.
  L"r3hook.dll",                  // Kaspersky Internet Security.
  L"sahook.dll",                  // McAfee Site Advisor.
  L"sbrige.dll",                  // Unknown.
  L"sc2hook.dll",                 // Supercopier 2.
  L"sdhook32.dll",                // Spybot - Search & Destroy Live Protection.
  L"sguard.dll",                  // another company (System Guard).
  L"smum32.dll",                  // Spyware Doctor version 6.
  L"smumhook.dll",                // Spyware Doctor version 5.
  L"ssldivx.dll",                 // DivX.
  L"syncor11.dll",                // SynthCore Midi interface.
  L"systools.dll",                // Panda Antivirus.
  L"tfwah.dll",                   // Threatfire (PC tools).
  L"wblind.dll",                  // Stardock Object desktop.
  L"wbhelp.dll",                  // Stardock Object desktop.
  L"winstylerthemehelper.dll"     // [some application] 2006.