Asus still doing boring thing on CPU for touchpad..

Started by BenYeeHua, September 10, 2016, 08:06:29 PM

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After they modified the Elan driver to force running highest frequency, then removed it after a few version, they did it again on their SmartGesture...

I can said it is the Reviewer causing it, as they said it is not smooth as Mac, so they force it at highest frequency while scrolling, but they write the wrong code and it is doing even when it is not scrolling. :P

QuoteI ask why, for goodness sakes, why is this there? And the guy explains in a roundabout fashion that support has been contacted, and reviews have mentioned, that the asus scrolling is not as "smooth" as the scroll in for example a Mac.

I think the not "smooth" issues has been fixed by Intel ParkControl, but I still thinking the issues is, the reviewer is using Chrome for testing, but Chrome don't enable smooth scrolling yet... ::)

And also, the polling rate is too low, as far as I get in the ETDDeviceInformation.exe, it is 78(hz) report rate, which is 12ms per report, while the Screen is having 60hz(16.67ms) refresh rate.
So, in order to scrolling, you need to have 2 report telling the driver you are scrolling, which is 12+12ms=24ms, and based on Firefox and Chrome Canary's smooth scrolling, this smooth scrolling has added at least 2 frame late for the scrolling effect.
So I just checked the Windows Precision Touchpad, they are asking for at least 100HZ input for multiple contacts(multiple finger), which is 10ms.
QuoteUser-perceived latency significantly diminishes the experience of a Windows Precision Touchpad and therefore all aspects of the system from end-to-end shall meet or exceed specified latency goals. Providing a minimal input report rate of 125Hz for single contacts and 100Hz for multiple contacts ensures that with the correct scan frequencies, contact down and update latencies of 25ms and 15ms respectively can be achieved.

And as you can see, it is I2C, as I just download a few driver and found some of them are I2C driver inside, they(ELAN and ASUS) did just handle the Precision Touchpad with their own solution, but not handle it to Windows as it lack of configuration for the user to change. :P

But then they just doing this boring thing on the driver, I hope they don't do this for CPU at least Skylake Gen. ::)

As I don't has money to buy a new laptop and do this research, so I guess I will just stop here, and waiting other user to tell the story. 8)