Beta Testers - Please check new process context menus

Started by Jeremy Collake, June 08, 2013, 06:41:45 AM

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Jeremy Collake

The process context menus have been re-arranged, standardized, and simplified. I believe you'll like the new layout.

If you are a beta tester, please do test this. Also please test the new CPU affinity specification. Anyone who reports a verified bug is eligible for a free Process Lasso Pro license (offer subject to end at any time).

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let me see if I understand this new menu always, current .
If we set a value in the current menu it only for this session , once reboot goes back to what it was and always is a forced value whenever the process starts ?
So current works like Task manager and always stores the value for next run .
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Interesting changes.  Will have to delay real work again to play about!   :)


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From the Memory Priority? topic.
QuoteWe should be update the function of PL, by changing the Memory Priority to 1-5, and change the name "Trim Virtual Memory" to "Trim Working Set Memory". ;)
I has messing up Memory Priority and Page Priority.
Memory Priority should be 1-5, sorry for my mistake. :)

And changing the name for the Trim function is because.
QuoteBecause you can't "Trim" the Virtual Memory, and put it into a file while reduce the Virtual Memory usage of the process. ;D
But you can Trim the working sets memory, and put that part of Pages into the standby list.

"Trim Virtual Memory" will make someone think that:"As the Game Process/Firefox has been crashed by using too much Virtual Memory, so if I using this PL function to trim the Virtual Memory, it will reduce the chance to crash. :D"
And this is wrong. :(
This function will reduce the leaked memory to using the RAM when you are out of RAM memory, as it is putting the leaked memory to StandBy memory, and follow the StandBy List Pages Priority to increase the chance to put the leaked memory into the PageFile first.
And also which process StandBy List Pages/Memory should be put into the PageFile first, if you has set the Memory Priority.
The Bug is still there.
When you click on the CPU affinity-Current-Avoid non-physical cores, it will behave like you has clicked CPU affinity-Always-Avoid non-physical cores, and adding the CPU affinity rule to that process.
This is very annoying me when I am playing with this and check the performance of that process, but forgot to change it back. :P