highest rights on windows 7

Started by eilander, July 15, 2009, 09:42:37 PM

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I purchased and installed the pro version today, and when I install it with "highest rights" i see all processes. but after restarting i only see my own processes (even if i rightclick, run as administrator and give the admin password)

I am running windows 7 64bits, build 7264

otherwise great software, i have a quadcore with 8gb ram and while i am not doing anything special i really notice some performance gain.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for your business.

First, let me give you a probable fix to the problem you are seeing. There is likely a mismatch between the INI configuration file settings and the PL application security rights. There is a setting in the configuration file that tells Process Lasso whether or not to only manage the processes in its current user context. This setting is supposed to stay in sync with the application security rights.

To fix it, you need to either try reinstalling Process Lasso OR manually edit your configuration file.

To manually edit your configuration file, follow these steps:

1. Select the menu item 'Options / Advanced tools / Manually edit INI configuration file'.
2. This should open an instance of notepad, editing prolasso.ini.
3. Find the value 'ManageOnlyCurrentUser'. If it is TRUE, set it to FALSE.. i.e.  'ManageOnlyCurrentUser=False' . If it was already FALSE, then there is something else going on (please let me know if so).

I am running tests here, trying to determine how this may have happened. I haven't seen it occur yet, but  I still have a few more configuration/installation scenarios to test, so perhaps I will come across it shortly. I will update you here if I determine the cause.
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thanks, it works.

well i have to manually run lasso as administrator and enter the password but thats a windows problem
(/me votes for chmod setuid in windows7;p)

ty so far, i can continue testing :)