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Process Lasso v3.60 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, May 27, 2009, 03:18:41 PM

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Jeremy Collake

This version represents a major product overhaul. Virtually every function of the software has been improved. Several new features have also been added. One of the new features is the much requested CPU throttling, where a hard limit is imposed on the amount of CPU time a process can consume. Other new features include exclusions from foreground boosting, automatic game mode toggle, handle and thread counts, a thread management tab, and the ability to suspend/resume processes. ProBalance, along with the core engine in general, has also been tweaked to react more quickly. See the complete list of changes below.
Revisions in this version:     
  • Addition.Core: Added CPU throttling (both persistent and temporary). This applies a hard limit on the CPU time a process can consume. This is not meant to replace ProBalance (process balance) and should be used only in certain, appropriate situations
  • Addition.Core: Added ability to exclude specific processes from foreground boosting
  • Addition.Core: Added automatic game mode entry for user specified processes
  • Addition.Core: Added pathname to process launch log events
  • Addition.GUI: Added to the graph CPU history of currently selected process(es)
  • Addition.GUI: Added UI support for excluding processes from foreground boosting
  • Addition.GUI: Added UI support for CPU throttling
  • Addition.GUI: Added ability to suspend and resume processes
  • Addition.GUI: The system tray icon now will change to a special icon when the governor is inactive
  • Addition.GUI: Added thread count column
  • Addition.GUI: Added handle count column
  • Addition.GUI: Added application name column
  • Addition.GUI: Added thread management tab
  • Addition.GUI: Added CPU Time column
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'cancel' button to 'shutdown governor too' message box, allowing to abort the close of the GUI
  • Addition.GUI: Added minimum time for restraint parameter to ProBalance configuration dialog
  • Addition.GUI: Added maximum time for restraint parameter to ProBalance configuration dialog
  • Addition.GUI: Added UI support for automatic game mode entry for user specified processes
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'Graph/Show CPU Utilization' option
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'Graph/Show CPU history of selected processes' option
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'Graph/Show Responsiveness' option
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'Graph/Show Memory load' option
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'Graph/Mark ProBalance events' option
  • Addition.GUI: Added secondary warning about out of date languages, specific to unupdated languages.
  • Addition.GUI: Added Process Lasso version to system tray balloon tip
  • Addition.GUI: Added right-click context menu on processes listview header, to select what process info (columns) are visible.
  • Addition.GUI: Added right-click context menu on running processes tab, to select what process info (columns) are visible.
  • Addition.GUI: Added configuration dialog to specify game processes
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Give warning if user set a global configuration and/or log path that may not be accessible by other users
  • Addition.Installer: On upgrades, added message box asking if user wants to skip install wizard
  • Addition.Installer: Added start menu shortcut to run the test application for a continous 60 seconds
  • Addition.Installer: Added build date and time to branding text
  • Change.Installer: Added warning that non-English languages may not be current
  • Change.Installer: Merged 'Advanced shortcuts' section into 'Create shortcuts' section
  • Change.Installer: Don't create shortcuts for Vista/Windows7 utilities during XP or Win2k install
  • Change.Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.42.5 unicode
  • Change.InstallHelper: Rewording of rights selection (for each isntance to manage processes of all users or not)
  • Change.InstallHelper: Cosmetic adjusments
  • Change.GUI: Set placement of OK and CANCEL buttons to conform to Windows standards (for all dialogs)
  • Change.GUI: Brightened RED used for total CPU utilization
  • Change.GUI: Improved memory load dotted line
  • Change.GUI: Consolidated 'reset column order' and 'reset column sizes' into a single menu item
  • Change.GUI: Overhaul of status bar control for main window
  • Change.GUI: Other tweaks and optimizations
  • Change.GUI: Tweaks to process context submenu ordering (standardized)
  • Change.GUI: The warning message when the governor isn't running will not be shown continuously, instead of intermittently
  • Change.GUI: Tweaks to default column sizes
  • Change.GUI: A considerable amount of other tweaks and optimizations
  • Change.GUI: Increased refresh/poll speeds
  • Change.GUI: Some optimizations to graph painting code
  • Change.GUI: More strings and code switched to unicode (the rest will be deferred until full switch to 100% unicode)
  • Change.GUI: Improved accuracy of system responsiveness calculation through algorithm changes
  • Change.GUI: Expanded width of responsiveness line of graph to better disinguish it
  • Change.GUI: Decreased default initial graph veritcal size and increased default lower listview size
  • Change.GUI: Edited new large application icon, removing the words since they didn't highlight well
  • Change.GUI: Edits to governor not running icon
  • Change.Core: Tweaks to gaming mode to mitigate potential problems
  • Change.Core: Changed default so that all new processes are logged
  • Change.Core: Major internal overhaul to minimize complexity and maximize efficiency
  • Change.Core: Tweaked default ProBalance parameters
  • Change.Core: Added milliseconds to log times
  • Change.Core: A considerable amount of other tweaks and optimizations
  • Change.Core: Added more hard coded exclusions for popular applications that should be excluded from ProBalance restraint
  • Change.Core: Made extensive changes to the ProBalance algorithm
  • Change.Core: Decreased high, normal, and low refresh intervals so that process info is updated quicker, and processes are acted on quicker
  • Change.LocalizationPack: Improved clarity of translator instructions
  • Change.InstallHelper: Change icon on for specific user suggestion when core engine set to run as a service (to warning, not error)
  • Removal.GUI: Removed menu items to set the GUI startup type. These are now found in the InstallHelper.exe program, which is run during installation.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed menu item 'Options / Log settings / Log default affinity adjustments' - as it wasn't unchecking, even though config was toggled
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed condition where resource consumption could grow indefinitely over time if the user had changed the maximum log size to 'unlimited'
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed keyboard accelerators (CTRL-A=select all, F5=refresh)
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed missing space in beta version number shown in update checker
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed issue where core engine couldn't be restarted by the GUI in Vista+ /w UAC and running with normal rights.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed thread synchronization error that could cause log display issues (blank fields) under rare circumstances
  • Fix.GUI/Core: When running the core engine as a service, ProBalance restraint events will now be highlighted on the graph
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed missing PL application icon in Windows 'Programs and features' (Vista) or 'Add/remove programs' (XP)
  • Fix.All: Date and time format is now localized (dependent on user locale setting)
  • Fix.TestLasso: Better command line argument handlng
  • Fix.TestLasso: Some adjustments to continuous mode
32-bit build:
64-bit build:
Pro build:
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