Process Governor closed itself

Started by BenYeeHua, July 16, 2013, 05:15:30 PM

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Process Governor closed itself.

By checking the log, before it close, it has recorded the Anti-virus updater start at that time, after 10 secs, Process Governor started.
Before that, I am closing the game, MSI afterburner, Hwinfo, open Firefox also.

No minidump inside the %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps and also the PL folder, so I think it is not a crash, as you has enable the minidump.

PL version is v6.6.0.63 beta.
I think it is better that, jumping to the

Version Type Component Change[beta] Addition Core Added toggle to allow matching of ProBalance exclusions by pathnames

So we don't need to scrolling down to that place, and read what has been changed in that
Maybe provide another link for the updater/after update, like and jump to that place, I think this is better. :)

Jeremy Collake

Hmm, I'm not sure what may have happened. A minidump should have been generated if it crashed. If it happens again, let me know!

Changes between betas are something I could track more closely, but it gets tedious, and I try not to get hung up on tracking every change so closely. Of course, that doesn't apply to the actual source code, where every change gets reviewed (sometimes eventually ;p) prior to its commit.
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I wonder that can you record it, like create a file in the config folder, and delete it each time the Process Governor are shutdown normally.
If the Process Governor start up and found that file, then it will record in the log, and/or jump a window to telling the user that it has been unexpected shutdown last time?