PL GUI with Opeteron 180 CPU

Started by 02clams, July 23, 2013, 08:37:08 AM

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I have noticed for some time that the cpu utilization always shows nearly 100% on both cores with the Opteron 180 cpu. This must be affecting other applications too that read cpu usage on my system as they are faling to start with PL installed. They report they are waiting for cpu to become idle when PL says it is idle.

Also use PL on a Athlon x4 cpu and it just works perfect so I'm convinced something is not quite right on in the way PL is reading the other hardware configuration.


Jeremy Collake

I'm not sure what to make of this.

First, if you mean to say that Process Lasso affects other software's ability to read your CPU utilization correctly, there's no way that is possible. Process Lasso simply can't interfere like that.

Process Lasso and other applications both would read the CPU utilization from the OS. So, it should match perfectly no matter what application is reading it.

The OS or application error message you reference about waiting for the CPU to become idle is something I've never heard of. Do you have a screenshot of that? It might be specific to the software you are trying to run. Speaking of that, do you have any other applications installed that you might be relevant to mention?

Lastly, what Windows OS are you using? Is this a single CPU package (single chip), or SMP system?
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