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Started by Tarnak, November 25, 2015, 05:52:04 PM

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I just spotted this topic, and I didn't realise that there had been a change:  I usually access this forum via -   ....and/or

So, I hadn't seen the new site, until now!  Just escaped me.... :-[ -

But, seeing it for the first time, and it looks good....:)

Jeremy Collake


I'm glad you are just now seeing it, because prior renditions were, well, not in-line with our values and marketing vision. The original guy working on it had to be replaced, sadly. We appreciate his hard work, but it had to be taken over to be corrected.

As for the menus (a prior post), we are working on them. The main landing page is of course one really long page, so needs navigation menu. However, other pages like now have a 'general site' menu to bring them to other products. THAT menu will replace probably all pages at some point, after I divide the long entry page into sub-pages.

First, back to dev work though, as a site is nothing without a product.
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You're welcome. :)

  Edit: Oops... Jeremy,  this comment crossed with your last post.