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Not sure about that, as there are no release note for each small version bump, so I am very not sure did they push to the beta version for testing first, or just push to beta and release channel together.

But normally when Adobe Flash Player released release version updated to fix some vulnerabilities, they will also update the beta version as well. :)
And I am not sure why, but it seen like Microsoft re-released again this patch, maybe they has updated it without changing the update date...
Yup, just Google awhile and some people posting it is re-re-re-released again. ::)


yeh, they released a similar one for win7 .
Edit: yeh, new one here to , says 7/10 but that was first one date .

On the flash player, I was only going by version numbers they gave .
they had up to .203 and beta is .205 , but yes it is older July7
Bitsum QA Engineer


Bitsum QA Engineer


Version normally means nothing, you can has higher version number, newer date, but difference branch for the product. ;)
Yup, Adobe Flash Player is released, and Microsoft need to catch up for their Adobe Flash Player for IE "patch".
Just saw that it is another month for Windows Update, will edit it later. ;)

Fixed Excel 2013 crash, and also DRM might unlocked by user that has "save" rights

Also some vulnerabilities that affected all version of Office

Improved high DPI UI in PowerPoint 2013

Fixed some email's image can't show in Outlook 2013

Access 2013 may unresponsive after open multiple objects in design view, then switch to another view

Fixed Office 2013 may crash when open some document that contains invalid instance of a Microsoft Forms 2.0 ActiveX control

Updates the Azure Active Directory authentication library (ADAL) for modern authentication.

Printing may printed in unexpected color, DengXian font may not be used, and also some crash fixed

Fixed Outlook may take some time to preview or open the email that contains many recipients

When you complete the purchase of an app for Office in the web browser, you are stuck in trial mode.

Updated Dutch and Polish proofing tools.

Fixed crash and sync issues for OneDrive

Fixed high CPU and network load after rename a folder to the same name but cased differently

Fixed Copy Link to Page/Section/Notebook to OneNote, the link will not working, and also if the link contain question mark "?."

Fixed don't prompt to save email that set some flag
QuoteWhen you reply, reply all, or forward an email message in Outlook 2013, the email header only displays the display names of the recipients, and does not display their email addresses. You can change this behavior by using a registry key.

Reduced CPU usage used by emoticon animations(means disable background multiple conversations's emoticon animation)
Update UI to better display presence information
The name of the Chinese contact group is displayed incorrectly
Update user interface for group contact counts in contact lists
Active Directory contact's name is changed to the phone number in the contact list
Typed characters take a long time to display in the message input box
Add the click-to-call feature for RCC-enabled users from the contact card
Update changes the text label from participant code to Conference ID

Some known issues:
Help can't be open
"Copy" and "Select All" stop working for the first chat
Cannot join meetings by using Lync 2010
Memory leak for transfer a file larger than 5MB


QuoteThe security update addresses the vulnerabilities by:
•Modifying how Internet Explorer, VBScript, and JScript handle objects in memory
•Helping to ensure that affected versions of Internet Explorer properly implement the CFG security feature
•Preventing the XSS filter in Internet Explorer from incorrectly disabling HTML attributes
•Adding additional permission validations to Internet Explorer
•Helping to ensure that affected versions of Internet Explorer properly implement the ASLR security feature
•Helping to ensure cross-domain policies are properly enforced in Internet Explorer
•Helping to restrict what information is returned to external stylesheets
•Helping to ensure that file paths are properly validated before returning file data to the user
•Helping to ensure that requests for module resources are properly validated in Internet Explorer

IE may crash when you scroll by dragging the scroll box

Authentication/Login fails if using Proxy

IE may crash when using Microsoft UI Automation ???

Failed to install Active-X if IE are not run as Admin

Website that using WebBrowser control may freeze IE
QuoteThis issue occurs when applications that use the sessionStorage content from multiple Internet Explorer 11 WebBrowser control instances run on the same or single thread. When this issue occurs, the CPU and memory usage also become high.

Fixed vulnerability for Windows Error Reporting (WER)

Fixed a lot of Vulnerabilities that using DLL to exploit them

Vulnerability in Windows Remote Procedure Call (RPC) authentication

Vulnerability in Windows Graphics Component, that caused by fails to properly process bitmap conversions

Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel-Mode Driver, all about Win32k

Vulnerabilities in Windows Installer service, if incorrectly runs custom action scripts
Quote•Applications that use installations that are dependent on the less-secure behavior may not install correctly. If it is critical that installation for these applications be enabled, IT administrators can temporarily opt-out of this security fix by changing a registry setting.

RemappedElevatedProxiesPolicy 1

Vulnerability in OLE

Vulnerability in ATM font driver
QuoteThe security update addresses the vulnerability by correcting how Adobe Type Manager Font Driver (ATMFD) handles objects in memory

Update "Windows Update Client"
QuoteThis update allows a future version of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to deliver System Hardware Updates and System Firmware Updates to corporate devices through WSUS networks.

That's all. ::)


Adobe Reader DC has updated to 15.008.20082 to fixing some bug and vulnerabilities. :)
While MS also released the patch, Adobe Flash Player for IE has been updated to newest version. :)


Last update for Windows 8.1, before I move to Windows 10? :)

Fixed Vulnerability in Microsoft font driver

PS:You may facing a blank screen after reboot, this is normal as it need to be patching the font driver. You can check the hard disk status light to know did it hang or still patching. :)
Optional update that may need in the future. ;)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
(Both need to be downloaded if you are 64-bit Windows)



Is the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 you show on here RC or is it the final?


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Not sure about that, but the sign of the exe is similar date with .Net, which is ‎Friday, ‎26 ‎June, ‎2015 3:02:51 PM.

Maybe it is still a RC, but newer than it. ;)

I forgot about Optional update, this might be last update for Win 8.1 that I will post then. ;)

Allow magstripe drivers to support new devices

Fixed some "0x0000007F" and "0x0000009F" BSoD
QuoteIssue 1
The operating system crashes because of inline loopback transmits

Issue 2
Assume that the Receive Side Scaling (RSS) feature is enabled on the network adapter. Task offload is disabled for IPv4 or IPv6 protocol (not both). In this situation, during the installation of a Lightweight Filter (LWF) driver, you receive a Stop error that resembles the following:

Added new APN, SoftBank Mobile Corp.

Fixed MS app crash(mainly for Office and Win 10 build-in App)
QuoteA null pointer reference in the Windows.ui.xaml.dll file causes some applications such as Cortana, Microsoft Reader, and Microsoft Office OneNote to crash.

Fixed Bluetooth LE device can't be connect
QuoteWhen you try to connect a discoverable Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE) device, you receive the following error message:

Try again and make sure that the device is discoverable


Nothing but a compatibility list update, for upgrading to Windows 10 and check the compatibility, like patch released before. :)

PS:Even it said that it need restart to install this patch, you don't need to restart, unless this files are being used. :)


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A optional update has been pushed, to fixing that if you disable any network card, it will BSoD.

And Windows 10 should be per-loading now, if you don't receive it, then wait for my new topic. ;)


First Windows 10 update. ;)

Compatibility Patch that will installed to Windows 10 only, when you enabled "check for update" for Windows 10 upgrade installer

Cumulative Update for Windows 10, included(but excluded previously-released files):

That's all. ;)


Look like Adobe has released the update earlier than Microsoft, or I guess there are no patch for Windows 10. Released. :)

Adobe Flash Player has been released, so far no release note for it.

PS:The MS Edge performance is a bit worst for loading new page/tab...
Edit:MS Edge/Adobe has broke their ability for showing tab audio for Adobe Flash Player, no issues for HTML5... :P
Still there is a lot of patch for Office..

Official list of vulnerabilities fix for most Office version.

Not exist yet(for later update)

Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office:

2.TrueType/OpenType fonts vulnerability

Office 2013:

  • Fixed crash because of internal optimization task.
  • Fixed OneDrive for Business don't sync the files as MSOSYNC.exe is crashed
  • Increased the retry's waiting time for sync
  • Wrong error(for example, access denied) are shown when OneDrive for Business can't download/upload
  • Fixed convert to PDF may cause 404 hyperlink
  • Translates some terms for multiple languages to make sure the accuracy of the meaning
  • Fixed email to SIP address function showing undeliverable on OneNote 2013, because not installed Lync 2013. More Information
  • Crash when using Search People in Outlook 2013
  • Prompted for credentials for Outlook 2013 configured to use basic authentication

Word 2013:

  • Missing buttons for BACKGROUND REMOVAL ribbon in Touch mode
  • Hebrew characters paragraph number shown with incorrect font
  • Legacy print dialog will print the first page instead of current page
  • Flashing occurs in thumbnail view, when searching word in header or footer
  • Document don't display all page, if document's comment has date and time.
  • F9 repeatedly to update the nested field, the result switch between All/First letter are capital

Excel 2013:

  • Missing buttons for BACKGROUND REMOVAL ribbon in Touch mode
  • Somehow rotated shapes can't be pasted
  • Run the Create PDF/XPS Document in Excel 2010(huh?) will cause Greek or Cyrillic characters using Arial font
  • Hyperlink with # don't save as it should be
  • Ribbon not displayed if running file in XLStart folder
  • Fixed performance for hide and unhide lots of rows or columns
  • Workbook with embedded worksheet that contains a chart will cause Excel 2013 crash on exit

Microsoft Lync 2013 (Skype for Business):
Just listed fix for vulnerability

PowerPoint 2013:

  • Increases default settings for video exporting.(huh? ???)
  • Unnecessary edits pending removed for making text changes during coauthoring
  • Smart Guides feature has improved, and start working on charts and tables
  • Missing buttons for BACKGROUND REMOVAL ribbon in Touch mode
  • Can't play the recorded presentation, if it is recorded with screen bigger than 1080p
  • Record settings reset for next record on same session.

Access 2013:
QuoteWhen you start Access 2013 on a computer that has not been restarted for a long time (for example, 24 days), the CPU usage of the MSACCESS.EXE process becomes high. However, applying this update will reintroduce the problem that is addressed by the March 10, 2015, update for Access 2013 (KB2956176). As soon as this update is installed, fields that are bound to expressions on forms may not be recalculated when the computer has not been restarted for a long time.
Well, it means it removed the patch KB2956176, until a solution is coming out.

OneDrive for Business:
Not appearing Icon on navigation panel for Windows 10 user

OneNote 2013:

  • Recycle bin feature is disabled in Class Notebooks to avoid privacy issues, only Teacher can re-enable it.
  • Inking while resting the palm could cause ink to disappear occasionally.(lol ;D)
  • Deleted Ink strokes restored when sync with a lot of people are on the same Note.

Project 2013:
I start giving up, too much change log. :-\

Outlook 2013:

  • Ribbon button fix
  • Wunderbar shortcut can't delete
  • It is copy function instead of move
  • Meeting time not updated
  • Crash
  • Graphic memory not freed
  • Editing lost in rich text format
  • Not telling you that, you are reply to old conversion
  • Password expiration dialog box if mailbox users log on to Windows
  • Store corrupted for indexed by Outlook for search

Windows 10 updates are cumulative. Therefore, this package contains all previously released fixes. If you have previous updates installed, only the new fixes that are contained in this package will be downloaded and installed to your computer.

Don't exist:

Silverlight 5:

  • TrueType/OpenType fonts vulnerability fix
  • 64-bit runtime cause some apps to crash on IE 11
  • Updated installer for Mac with Gatekeeper enabled
QuoteUpdates the Windows manual installer to include options to set MSN as your default homepage and Bing as your default search engine. Automated installations and upgrades of Silverlight (for example, installations and upgrades performed by Microsoft Update and WSUS) do not use the Silverlight installer user interface and do not offer to change your homepage or search engine.

Cumulative update:

That's all, so far...


Well, I just tested the P2P system(but I only allow PC on my local network) for the Windows Update, but...

It seen like after you restart your computer, it will not works.

Or it is because I don't enable network discovery on the netbook, so it don't discover this laptop.

Or it did works, just it download a very small part from me.
QuotePCs on your local network. When Windows downloads an update or app, it will look for other PCs on your local network that have already downloaded the update or app using Delivery Optimization. Windows then downloads parts of the file from those PCs and parts of the file from Microsoft. Windows doesn’t download the entire file from one place. Instead, the download is broken down into smaller parts. Windows uses the fastest, most reliable download source for each part of the file.

Anyways, you may try enable the network discovery first, if you really don't has a fast download speed and want to use this local P2P, it is on the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings . :)


Well, just some stability update, no changelog so far.

Changed Files:
Cumulative Update for Windows 10
Just Google awhile for news, here it is. :)
Microsoft fixes Windows 10 Store glitch

Java also updated to version 8u51.



yup, even win7 had IE11 one and DMI memory leak one, I installed .
Bitsum QA Engineer


So I guess after releasing Windows 10, they will also changing to release important vulnerability patch ASAP.(after testing) ;)



Well, a bit late for the Win 10 update, but here it is.(and it is not very important patch)

OOBE update
PS:Need restart after installing this patch, because of explorer.exe is running

Compatibility update
Cumulative Update:

  • BlueTooth
  • Windows Update
  • Microsoft Edge(So It is not update via Store...)
  • Appx
  • DWM
  • Network setup
  • Ntoskrnl.exe
  • Setup(software installer)
  • License Manager
  • Reset?(reseteng.dll)
  • Wlan Media Manager
And other dlls that I really don't know... :)


Not about update, but about Windows.old is removed, but not completely. ::)
Somehow they still leave the old WinSxS(4GB for me) behind, I guess because some old update has also bring over to Windows 10.(Like C++ 2010)

But it should be safe to clean it up.
So, you can run the "Disk Cleanup" or "CCleaner" with Administrator right, then just clean it up. ;)

If you scare of other thing, then just leave it, as long as you has disk space, it should not be a issues for you. :)


Well, I am not in the good status like before, so there should be some mistake in this post, and also forget me for copy paste a lot...
Adobe Flash Player don't has any update today, so...

QuoteCertain edits in PowerPivot will cause Power Query connections to be read-only in Microsoft Excel, and they will also block further edits in Power Query.

QuoteWhen you use the People Picker control (for example, setting an author in the Info pane) for a document in Microsoft Word 2013, Word 2013 may crash.

Quote•New additions to the object model in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 let users programmatically indicate which shapes are parts of the narration timeline, to programmatically insert animated ink shapes, and to query ink shapes for the XML definitions.
And also improved compatibility for saving as old format, like
Quotethe position of horizontal line objects or vertical line objects is moved from the original position.

Improve translate for Kazakh

Updates English proofing tools

Quote•New additions to the object model in PowerPoint 2013 let users programmatically indicate which shapes are parts of the narration timeline,  programmatically insert animated ink shapes, and query ink shapes for the xml definitions.

1.Copying Rich Text format to OneNote will convert to a image
2.temp file of protected file will be created in user folder, not temp folder

Quote•When you run a macro that uses the TransformDocument method to convert a document into a different XML format in Word 2013, Word 2013 crashes if there's a text box in the header or footer of the document.

•When you save a .doc document as the .docx format and then you close and reopen this document in Word 2013, a hidden table is visible in the document unexpectedly if the hidden table content was formatted by a table style.

•When you insert or delete the first row, the first column, the last row, or the last column in a table in Word 2013, the table binding or matrix binding is lost.

QuoteWhen you try to use the import text wizard to import a text file that contains DBCS characters in Access 2013, the results don't align correctly for newly created columns.

QuoteOffice applications can't merge OneDrive files if the applications get information about file mapping from OneDrive fails with a different reason other than "FILE_NOT_MAPPED."

QuoteWhen you save a worksheet as a pdf file in Excel 2013, squares are displayed for wrapped characters in cells that have the Wrap text option disabled.

A lot of fix for Project 2013...

Fixed OpenType vulnerabilities

A lot of fix(and also fixed vulnerabilities) for Excel, like out of memory error when opening a new Excel window

Fixes for Outlook, like edit of the email loss after you send the email

Cumulative Update(for Vulnerabilities)

Memory Corruption Vulnerability for IE

Memory Corruption Vulnerability for Edge(well, they are similar engine ;))

OpenType Vulnerability

Vulnerabilities in Windows Journal

Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework

Vulnerabilities in Windows Task Management

Vulnerability in Windows Hyper-V(not affected normal user that are not enabled Hyper-V)

That's all, and sorry for the low quality contents.. :(


Adobe Flash Player released, and no release note for now, as it just pass a few minutes after it is released. :)
Here it is, security update, it is better that you update it now.

Well, it look like it has some error on the WSUS downloaded update file, you may download it manually from My Digital Life then install it, as MS don't provide it on the kb...

PS:Required My Digital Life account

And they supported Edge showing tab sound feature, as they has supported tab mute feature, but after a flash update, they decide to disable it. :P


QuoteThis update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.
So nothing is said in the changelog, and they also put the file information into a csv, because it is too large for a page, and slowing down the loading. :)

Cumulative update for Windows 10: September 30, 2015

And here is the file list that changed, compare to last cumulative update.
It is strange to see the Nvidia driver are also included too. ;D

File name                                         File version     Date
Presentationframework.dll                       22-Sep-15
System.web.applicationservices.dll              22-Sep-15
System.web.extensions.dll                       22-Sep-15              22-Sep-15
System.xaml.dll                                 22-Sep-15
Windowsbase.dll                                 22-Sep-15
Mscorlib.dll                                    22-Sep-15
Aspnet_perf.dll                                 22-Sep-15
Aspnet_wp.exe                                   22-Sep-15
Clrjit.dll                                      22-Sep-15
Clr.dll                                         22-Sep-15
Mscordacwks.dll                                 22-Sep-15
Mscordbi.dll                                    22-Sep-15
Peverify.dll                                    22-Sep-15
Sos.dll                                         22-Sep-15
Webengine4.dll                                  22-Sep-15
Webengine.dll                                   22-Sep-15
Wpfgfx_v0400.dll                                22-Sep-15
Presentationcore.dll                            22-Sep-15
System.web.dll                                  22-Sep-15
Omadmapi.dll                                      10.0.10240.16517 19-Sep-15
Win32kfull.sys                                    10.0.10240.16517 19-Sep-15
Win32kbase.sys                                    10.0.10240.16517 19-Sep-15
Bthport.sys                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Buttonconverter.sys                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Bthmodem.sys                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Coremessaging.dll                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Notificationcontroller.dll                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Speechruntime.exe                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Speechservicewinrtapi.proxystub.dll               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Tetheringservice.dll                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Messagingdatamodel2.dll                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Sysmain.sdb                                       Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Msimain.sdb                                       Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Drvmain.sdb                                       Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Acmigration.dll                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Appraiser.sdb                                     Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Windows.applicationmodel.lockscreen.dll           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Accountscontrolhost.exe                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Accountscontrolui.dll                             Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.pri                                     Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Keyworddetectormsftsidadapter.dll                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Nuivoicewbsadapters.dll                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Appxdeploymentclient.dll                          10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Appxdeploymentextensions.dll                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Appxdeploymentserver.dll                          10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Appxupgrademigrationplugin.dll                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Audioses.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Audiosrv.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Remoteaudioendpoint.dll                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Bisrv.dll                                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.cs-cz.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.da-dk.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.el-gr.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.en-gb.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.en-us.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.he-il.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.ja-jp.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.ko-kr.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.nb-no.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                          Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.zh-cn.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.zh-hk.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Resources.zh-tw.pri                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cellularapi.dll                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Credprovdatamodel.dll                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Cortana.actions.dll                               Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cortana.apptoapp.dll                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Cortana.backgroundtask.dll                        Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cortana.core.dll                                  Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cortana.intentextraction.dll                      Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cortana.reminders.dll                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Cortana.upload.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Cortanaapi.dll                                    Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cortanamusicsearch.dll                            Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cortanaspeechux.dll                               17-Sep-15                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Placesserver.exe                                  10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ppivoiceagents.dll                                17-Sep-15
Reactiveagentscommon.dll                          17-Sep-15
Remindersserver.exe                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Remindersui.dll                                   Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Rulesbackgroundtasks.dll                          Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Rulesservice.dll                                  Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Sapibackgroundtask.dll                            10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Searchui.exe                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Tws.dll                                           17-Sep-15
Voiceagentscommon.dll                             17-Sep-15
Coreuicomponents.dll                              Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Dmcertinst.exe                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Omadmclient.exe                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Dmcsps.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Syncmlhook.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Configmanager2-ppdlic.xrm-ms                      Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Configmanager2.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Enterprisecsps.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Deviceenroller.exe                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windows.devices.bluetooth.dll                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Directmanipulation.dll                            10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windows.ui.xaml.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Workfolderssvc.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Enterprisedesktopappmgmtcsp.dll                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Dmenrollengine-ppdlic.xrm-ms                      Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Dmenrollengine.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Enrollmentapi.dll                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mdmmigrator.dll                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Fastfat.sys                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Locationcrowdsource.dll                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Locationgeofences.dll                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Locationwebproxy.dll                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Locationwifiadapter.dll                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Httpsdatasource.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Migcore.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Migstore.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Setupplatform.dll                                 1.40.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Unbcl.dll                                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Upgradeagent.dll                                  10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wpx.dll                                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mshtml.dll                                        11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wininet.dll                                       11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
F12script2.dll                                    11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
F12script.dll                                     11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Edgehtml.dll                                      11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Dxgkrnl.sys                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Dxgmms1.sys                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Dxgmms2.sys                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Lockapp.exe                                       Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Lockappbroker.dll                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mfmediaengine.dll                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mfcaptureengine.dll                               12.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mbaeapi.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Bingmaps.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Jpmapcontrol.dll                                  10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mapconfiguration.dll                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mapcontrolcore.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mapsstore.dll                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mos.dll                                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Accountaccessor.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Syncutil.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mdmappinstaller.exe                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mdmregistration.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mfsvr.dll                                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mf.dll                                            12.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mfcore.dll                                        12.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mfds.dll                                          12.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Edata.dll                                         11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Emodel.dll                                        11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Eview.dll                                         11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
F12appframe2.dll                                  11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Informationdialog.xbf                             Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Microsoftedge.exe                                 11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Passworddialog.xbf                                Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Promptdialog.xbf                                  Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Sharedstyles.xbf                                  Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Sensorsapi.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Modernexecserver.dll                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Msmpeg2vdec-ppdlic.xrm-ms                         Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Msmpeg2vdec.dll                                   12.0.10255.0     17-Sep-15
Mbmediamanager.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ncryptprov.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ndis.sys                                          10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Netcenter.dll                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ncsi.dll                                          10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ntoskrnl.exe                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ppiexperiencehost.exe                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Startui.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windows.ui.actioncenter.dll                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wpnapps.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Pdc.sys                                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Pnidui.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Knobscore.dll                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Knobscsp.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Microsoft-common-provisioning.dat                 Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Provengine.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Provisioningcsp.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Provops.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Psmsrv.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Purchasedialog.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Rdxservice.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Remotenaturallanguage.dll                         17-Sep-15
Psmserviceexthost.dll                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Rjvmdmconfig.dll                                  10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Licensemanagershellext.exe                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Diagtrack.dll                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Batteryflyoutexperience.dll                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Clockflyoutexperience.dll                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Contactcarddatart.dll                             Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Devicesflowui.dll                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Jumpviewui.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mtcuvc.dll                                        Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Networkux.dll                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Quickconnectui.dll                                Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Shellexperiencehost.exe                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Datasensehandlers.dll                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Settingshandlers_nt.dll                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Networkmobilesettings.dll                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Chakra.dll                                        11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Chakradiag.dll                                    11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Jscript9.dll                                      11.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Cloudap.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ngccredprov.dll                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ngckeyenum.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ngcsvc.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Onedrivesettingsyncprovider.dll                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Settingsynchost.exe                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Setupcore.dll                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Setuphost.exe                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Setupmgr.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Setupprep.exe                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Sharedstartmodel.dll                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Sihost.exe                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Speechux.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Speechuxwiz.exe                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windows.speech.pal.dll                            10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Sapi_onecore.dll                                  5.3.10240.16515  17-Sep-15
Licensemanager.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15 17-Sep-15
Subscriptionmgr.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Systemeventsbrokerserver.dll                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Tcpip.sys                                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Twinapi.appcore.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Unistore.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Userdataservice.dll                               10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windows.ui.logon.dll                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15                              10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Uiautomationcore.dll                              7.2.10240.16515  17-Sep-15
Vestoreeventhandlers.dll                          10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Tileobjserver.dll                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Veeventdispatcher.dll                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Storeagent.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wmpmde.dll                                        12.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wuuhext.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wsupgrade.dll                                     10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wuaueng.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wcmcsp.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wcmsvc.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wdf01000.sys                                      1.15.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wudfx02000.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wifinetworkmanager.dll                            10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windows.ui.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Winmde.dll                                        12.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wlansvc.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wwancfg.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wwanapi.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wwansvc.dll                                       8.1.10240.16515  17-Sep-15
Wwanconn.dll                                      8.1.10240.16515  17-Sep-15
Wwanmm.dll                                        8.1.10240.16515  17-Sep-15
Hevcdecoder-ppdlic.xrm-ms                         Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Hevcdecoder.dll                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mpssvc.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Sdbus.sys                                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Sensorshid.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Usbhub3.sys                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Portcls.sys                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wlidsvc.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15                          10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Hvax64.exe                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Hvix64.exe                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Hvloader.efi                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Hvloader.exe                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Facerecognitionsensoradapter.dll                  10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Audioeng.dll                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Binglocalsearchservice.dll                        Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Cortana.sync.worker.dll                           10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Rulesactionurihandler.dll                         10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Signalsmanager.dll                                Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Locationframework.dll                             10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Locationpecell.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Locationpeip.dll                                  10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Locationpewifi.dll                                10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windows.internal.bluetooth.dll                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Mfps.dll                                          12.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Nlasvc.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ppibars.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ppisecurityui.dll                                 10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Ppistartui.dll                                    10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Quickactions.dll                                  Not applicable   17-Sep-15
Dismapi.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Vhdprovider.dll                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wdstptc.dll                                       10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Wimprovider.dll                                   10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Windlp.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Fwpkclnt.sys                                      10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Usoapi.dll                                        10.0.10240.16515 17-Sep-15
Activex.vch                                       Not applicable   15-Sep-15
Flash.ocx                                      15-Sep-15
Flashplayerapp.exe                             15-Sep-15
Flashplayercplapp.cpl                          15-Sep-15
Flashutil_activex.dll                          15-Sep-15
Flashutil_activex.exe                          15-Sep-15
Esent.dll                                         10.0.10240.16500 13-Sep-15
Extensiblestorageengine-isam-ppdlic.xrm-ms        Not applicable   13-Sep-15
De-de.flight.model                                Not applicable   11-Sep-15
De-de.flight.ot                                   Not applicable   11-Sep-15
En-gb.flight.model                                Not applicable   11-Sep-15
En-gb.flight.ot                                   Not applicable   11-Sep-15
En-us.flight.model                                Not applicable   11-Sep-15
En-us.flight.ot                                   Not applicable   11-Sep-15
En-us.package.model                               Not applicable   11-Sep-15
Mediasetupuimgr.dll                               10.0.10240.16498  9-Sep-15
Tokens_voiceactivation_de-de.xml                  Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Tokens_voiceactivation_en-gb.xml                  Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Tokens_voiceactivation_en-us.xml                  Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Tokens_voiceactivation_es-es.xml                  Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Tokens_voiceactivation_fr-fr.xml                  Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Tokens_voiceactivation_it-it.xml                  Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Tokens_voiceactivation_zh-cn.xml                  Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Wwan_profile_v5.xsd                               Not applicable    9-Sep-15
Mrvlpcie8897_sh.sys                               10.0.10011.0      9-Sep-15
Nvd3dum.dll                                  9-Sep-15
Nvd3dumx.dll                                 9-Sep-15
Nvdecmftmjpeg.dll                            9-Sep-15
Nvdecmftmjpegx.dll                           9-Sep-15
Nvencmfth264.dll                             9-Sep-15
Nvencmfth264x.dll                            9-Sep-15
Nvencodeapi.dll                               9-Sep-15
Nvencodeapi64.dll                             9-Sep-15
Nvlddmkm2.sys                                9-Sep-15
Nvwgf2um.dll                                 9-Sep-15
Nvwgf2umx.dll                                9-Sep-15


Well, another time for update, but this time it is Office 2016+Windows 10. ;)

Before today's update:
Office 2016
Vulnerabilities fix + improvement for Skype for Business with high class microphone(well, just a stereo microphone ::)).
Adobe has released a bit earlier than MS, I guess this will become a new ways to avoid the CDN caching the old Flash Player?
Adobe Flash Player has updated to version, while Adobe Air has updated to version
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has updated to version 2015.009.20069.

A lot of vulnerabilities has been fixed, which is more than 10, if you wonder the amount, just go to this address and count yourself, it is really a lot of them.(As Acrobat Reader will not be updating monthly) :P

---Office 2016
Well, something wrong here, I has used the official clean up tools to clean up Office 2013, the key is also removed, so I guess it is an error on the server side, or it is also for Office 2016..

EDIT:Fixed by following the instruction for removing Office 2016 manually, it is because somehow office 2013 proofing tools are not removed and not showing up in the Programs and Feature, I also found some leftover installer from Windows 8 too, maybe I should clean it up when I has free time. :)

PS:Also a bit information, if you are using Office 365, it will be much smaller patch compare to this Office 2016 VL version. :)

Error dialog pop out when you are using compatibility mode in Windows 8+, for Office 2013...

Vulnerabilities fix:

Outlook 2016
Fixed navigation button in touch mode and also creating a folder in Inbox will not be sync to the server

Improved stability for receiving information in real-time collaboration(Network)
Poor performance will cut off the real-time collaboration session
It means, it solved many crash and issues for using real-time collaboration, that's all. ;D

Visual update(UI update) for default and high contrast themes

Updates the caption buttons (minimize, maximum, and close) to match Windows 10
Save button are too closed to the edge of the screen

QuoteSends application versions (.exe) in per upload metadata instead of Office versions.
Means it will telling the exe version instead of office versions in the registry.

---Windows 10
Cumulative update for Windows 10

Remover of Revoked cert which are:

  • Alpha Networks
  • TRENDnet
Any Dlink driver will be stop working and you need to update it via Windows Update, just check for new driver in the device manager, or go to the Microsoft Update Catalog to search and download it.

Internet Explorer
vulnerability fix

Microsoft Edge
vulnerability fix

Vulnerability fix for Windows Shell

Windows Kernel vulnerability fix
Fixed for Trusted Boot bypass by using BCD.

File name                                    File version    Date
Sysmain.sdb                                  Not applicable   10-Oct-15
Msimain.sdb                                  Not applicable   10-Oct-15
Drvmain.sdb                                  Not applicable   10-Oct-15
Acmigration.dll                              10.0.10240.16549 10-Oct-15
Appraiser.sdb                                Not applicable   10-Oct-15
Edgehtml.dll                                 11.0.10240.16549 10-Oct-15
Windows.ui.xaml.dll                          10.0.10240.16548  6-Oct-15
Winresume.efi                                10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Winresume.exe                                10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Winload.efi                                  10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Winload.exe                                  10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Boot.stl                                     Not applicable    1-Oct-15
Bootmgfw.efi                                 10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Bootmgr.efi                                  10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Driver.stl                                   Not applicable    1-Oct-15
Ntoskrnl.exe                                 10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Fveapi.dll                                   10.0.10240.16545  1-Oct-15
Messagingdatamodel2.dll                      10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Accountscontrolhost.exe                      10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Accountscontrolui.dll                        Not applicable   25-Sep-15
Resources.pri                                Not applicable   25-Sep-15
Appxdeploymentextensions.dll                 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Appxdeploymentserver.dll                     10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Appxupgrademigrationplugin.dll               10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Wdsmgfw.efi                                  10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Memtest.efi                                  10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Memtest.exe                                  10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Bootmgr.exe                                  10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Mshtml.dll                                   11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Ieframe.dll                                  11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Edata.dll                                    11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Emodel.dll                                   11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Eview.dll                                    11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
F12appframe2.dll                             11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Informationdialog.xbf                        Not applicable   25-Sep-15
Microsoftedge.exe                            11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Passworddialog.xbf                           Not applicable   25-Sep-15
Promptdialog.xbf                             Not applicable   25-Sep-15
Sharedstyles.xbf                             Not applicable   25-Sep-15
Msxml3.dll                                   8.110.10240.1654 25-Sep-15
Msxml6.dll                                   6.30.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Chakra.dll                                   11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Chakradiag.dll                               11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Jscript9.dll                                 11.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Jscript.dll                                  5.812.10240.1654 25-Sep-15
Vbscript.dll                                 5.812.10240.1654 25-Sep-15
Secconfig.efi                                10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Kerberos.dll                                 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Tokenbroker.dll                              10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Shell32.dll                                  10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Unistore.dll                                 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Appointmentapis.dll                          10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Chatapis.dll                                 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Contactapis.dll                              10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Emailapis.dll                                10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Phonecallhistoryapis.dll                     10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Userdataaccountapis.dll                      10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Userdataservice.dll                          10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Pimindexmaintenance.dll                      10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Callhistoryclient.dll                        10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Wifinetworkmanager.dll                       10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Win32kbase.sys                               10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Win32kfull.sys                               10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Winlogon.exe                                 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Usbhub.sys                                   10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Hvax64.exe                                   10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Hvix64.exe                                   10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Hvloader.efi                                 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Hvloader.exe                                 10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Corebootproxy.efi                            10.0.10240.16542 25-Sep-15
Presentationframework.dll                  23-Sep-15
System.web.applicationservices.dll         23-Sep-15
System.web.extensions.dll                  23-Sep-15         23-Sep-15
Windowsbase.dll                            23-Sep-15
Mscorlib.dll                               23-Sep-15
Aspnet_perf.dll                            23-Sep-15
Aspnet_wp.exe                              23-Sep-15
Clrjit.dll                                 23-Sep-15
Clr.dll                                    23-Sep-15
Mscordacwks.dll                            23-Sep-15
Mscordbi.dll                               23-Sep-15
Peverify.dll                               23-Sep-15
Sos.dll                                    23-Sep-15
Webengine4.dll                             23-Sep-15
Webengine.dll                              23-Sep-15
Wpfgfx_v0400.dll                           23-Sep-15
Presentationcore.dll                       23-Sep-15
System.web.dll                             23-Sep-15

That's all, I guess I am becoming more lazy than before. ;D


A bit late, but Adobe Flash Player has released newest version which block the vulnerability that has been reported earlier, and Windows don't released any update yet. :)


A bit late, and Java has released new Java 8 update 66, you may choose not to update to it, as Java has also provided 8u65 download, it can means it is still a bit unstable. :)

Jeremy Collake

I got that update.

Oracle's latest Java Update bundle is Yahoo as your default search engine (and maybe their toolbar). Microsoft should stand up to them. We all should. For PCs, Java is not only a security risk (I've since uninstalled it entirely), but it's run by a terrible company.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


I removed Java from my XP system and never installed on Win7 64bit one , been like 4 yrs now .

I never found i needed it .
Bitsum QA Engineer


My kids like to play Minecraft, so I have no choice really...  >:(
Windows 10 Pro 64 (swedish) || Xeon 5650 @ +4 GHz || 24 gig ram || R9280 Toxic


Quote from: Jeremy Collake on October 22, 2015, 04:34:50 PM
I got that update.

Oracle's latest Java Update bundle is Yahoo as your default search engine (and maybe their toolbar). Microsoft should stand up to them. We all should. For PCs, Java is not only a security risk (I've since uninstalled it entirely), but it's run by a terrible company.
Well, it is worst in China, they promoted Baidu's Product at the time, when Baidu's promoter start being crazy(as it is the last month of the past year, so they want to earn some more money) and installing some driver to protect Baidu's Products from getting uninstalled, once you installed one of them, you will get a bundle of the family coming to you computer, unless you clean up very carefully, it will be coming back after you reboot and connect to the internet.

And because of their country's law, any anti-virus in that country can't do anything to this adware, or they will be sue for blocking competitor illegal.

As far as I know, there are still a lot of computer still having that driver installed and running, lucky they stop installing other Baidu's product, not sure it will be installed in new computer or not.(and yes, it will be leftover after you uninstall all Baidu Product, as it is not listed on the Program & Feature)

And that's why I provide the link to the page that contain Offline installer, as only Online installer has it.(unless I am wrong)

For safe, it has provided a settings inside the Java Control Panel - Advanced - Miscellaneous - "Suppress sponsor offers when installing or updating Java", and you can enable it. :)
For security, at least they are putting "Very high" for running Java software in the browser, unless someone leak their cert, it should be no problem anymore.(unless you run it on the local, of cause...)

Quote from: edkiefer on October 22, 2015, 05:19:45 PM
I removed Java from my XP system and never installed on Win7 64bit one , been like 4 yrs now .

I never found i needed it .
Well, I found many old Edu website are providing free guideline or tutorial of their math subjects on the Internet, and most of them are using Java and Flash to present how's the math works, so... :P

And as I said before, it need cert to allow them to run, so most website that using Java can't be run because of the cert is missing, and it should be fine to uninstall it now. ::)

Quote from: DeadHead on October 23, 2015, 05:38:58 PM
My kids like to play Minecraft, so I have no choice really...  >:(
Yes, until the Minecraft Windows 10 version become popular, but I think it will be hard, as it may only supported with Windows 10, so it is a issues when most Windows 7 fighter will still using Windows 7.(mainly because more old game can't be run in Windows 10, compare to Windows 7 and 8/8.1, and they don't want use VM for it.) :-\

QuoteMicrosoft should stand up to them.
Well, most user don't installed Java, trust me, unless they are playing Minecraft, I don't found any of them install Java because they will not facing any Java software on the Internet, they even don't know they can install or run it, when the browser tell them.
(I know it by guiding them to use the Nvidia Geforce website to auto-check for their graphic model, which used Java.)
Of cause it is limited to China, so it can be difference compare to other country.

And I guess what's Microsoft has done is like the other Browser, they just stop supporting Java in browser, Chrome has stop any NPAPI plugins, Firefox has stop any plugins other than Flash in 64-bit browser(and also said they will stop supporting NPAPI in 32-bit in the future, except Flash), and Edge has stop supporting any Active-X, except Flash.(not talking about IE, as it is only left with bug fix)

I think they might also do something with the Windows Defender, but I am not sure did they will block Yahoo or not, because it should be low-risk to the system, so Windows Defender will not detect and kill it.

Or you are asking something like Adobe Flash Player, which provide update by Windows Update? :D
(even it is limited to IE and Edge, and Chrome has provide update too, just except Firefox and other Chromium browser...)

PS: Yes, it is still the same Active-X version for Edge, if you wonder did there are any change to plugins support in Edge. ;D
PS2: I also forgot, I am using Java for running Jdownloader 2, sometimes. ::)


Look like they has released the patch earlier for preparing the big update that incoming, while most people saying it should be the released version. ;D
Just fixing vulnerabilities in Edge and IE, and just like before, Edge has much more less vulnerabilities than IE. :)

QuoteThis update makes improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10.
Just like before, you know nothing about it, just guessing on the changed file name....

That's all, see you in the new build, if everything went smooth. ;)


"This update makes improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10."

I don't get this update, its for win10 but says its for compatibility to upgrade to win10 .
If your on Win10 you don't need anything to upgrade as your already done .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Ya, but I always get that update, which is strange... :P
I think it can also means service update for Windows 10, like the incoming big update? ;)


Look like the th2 might be released after 2 days, but who know, as it just landed on slow ring of the insider channel no more than a week. :)

Anyways, Adobe Flash Player has been released, it is still a player with many hole. :P
Edit:Adobe Air also released.

And, be aware that the Windows 10 Cumulative update has at least 515MB, while the office... still having large patch for security update.(should be at least 700MB)

---Office 2016
Fixed Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code to query the line of the color is always white, even it is not

Security windows pop-up when you clicked on a agave app(like Bing Map) in Office 2016 apps.

Not affected average user, unless you are business user

Updated the version name for the Access object library(for VBA)

Fixed new type of chart will be pasted as bounding box in Office 2016.
QuoteWhen you save a document that contains a chart and the chart uses one of the new chart types (a treemap, sunburst, histogram, box and whisker, Pareto, or waterfall chart) in Office 2016 applications, the chart parts in the XML are marked as the same content type as a chart of the older chart types (such as a column or pie chart). However, the new chart parts need their own content type, and shouldn't rely on the old content type. Additionally, if you save the document as an ISO strict file format, incorrect namespace URIs are used (transitional URIs are used instead of strict URIs).

Fixed incompatibility in VBE type library can cause unstable product when run certain VBA macro code

Improved cache:

  • Old cache file are not deleted after the cache is corrupted
  • Improved the performance of cache migration for large data sets
  • co-author documents are not updating as real-time, so you can't see the other co-author doing
    (Like the Google Doc, you can see what are the other are doing)

Improve reliability for opening doc from SharePoint, trying to insert date but Date and Time are wrong for Greek Language

  • Some user name are incorrectly displayed because it is typed from right-to-left
    (for some language, they are still reading/writing from right-to-left)
  • Duplicate meeting created in group by using ADD TO MY CALENDAR

Improved the UI design so that it is easy to read with some special theme applied

  • Files that has 250-259 characters in the Path will not be sync and not been told to the user about it
  • It is not the user name displayed in Explorer navigation pane
  • Shortcut deleted in Explorer navigation pan after stop syncing.
  • Error when trying to sync SharePoint document,library
  • After you migrate synchronization from Microsoft Office Groove to OneDrive for Business, Office Groove may crash on exit.

---Office 2016 vulnerabilities

  • The paste is blank when using Keep Text Only or Keep Source Formatting paste option in OneNote 2016
  • Blank preview windows for Surface Pro 3 in OneNote 2016
  • Using Send To OneNote 2016 printer to other version of OneNote will getting red X

PowerPoint 2016

  • Improve the robustness of copying and pasting
  • Add new insert picture API for add-ins for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Improve the robustness of coauthoring

  • Zoom level don't apply to canvas for Excel
  • UI don't update because of GDI leak and hitting the limit of GDI object per process
  • Changes on key-tips for the Tell Me feature to match tooltips and avoid conflicts between each other
  • Improve UI readability for some theme

Improve for Word API, not displaying undetermined characters for using IME to typing, text jumping everywhere when editing doc with mirror indents, crash for select comment bubble when first comment bubble is marked as done.
Incorrect line break shown up, can't save large doc with a lot of hyperlink because of the autocorrect feature, and fixed many crash.

----Windows 10
It is huge because of fixing Hyper-V, and also included IE/Edge fix too.

Hyper-V fix

Windows vulnerabilities

.Net vulnerabilities

Edge vulnerabilities

IE vulnerabilities

That's all, and I am ready for new big update, after I break and fixed my Windows because of a software has restore old unpatched system dll. ::)


Windows 10 TH2(10586) has released, and it is a ESD, means it is a complete Windows 10 installer, and the file size is ~2GB for x86, ~2.5GB for x64.

If you can't get it via WSUS(means it don't showing up in Windows Update) like me, then you can choose to download the ISO or ESD to ISO(MediaCreationTool).

Be careful that, you can't get the Single Language Edition via choosing create ISO, you need to select the Upgrade this computer or the first options to get the correct ESD. :)
Then after you select the first options, If you want to get a ISO as backup, you can get the download address via open a PowerShell(Admin), then run
Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers | select *
to see the download address, and don't be surprised to see your Chrome update is also inside. ;D
And here is the current latest tools to convert ESD to ISO, you should Google the tutorial if you don't know how to use it. ;)
(You can get the latest link from MyDigitalLife forum, but it required you to login.)

Media Creation Tool

PS: The ISO servers is under heavy load now, so if your CDN server can't connect it, then you will get 504 error, just give it a few F5 and it should be fine, if there is no speed, then you can wait or just download the ESD
PS2: The ISO is the same as the ISO downloaded from MSDN, it means you can apply SVF patch to change it to other language or edition, after someone created a SVF patch for it. ;)
PS3: The ESD is much safer as it is download via HTTPS, I am not sure why the ISO is still providing via HTTP.... :P


Today MS has released another Cumulative update, it is just ~100MB, so download should not be any issues, unless you has 384kbps speed...

Based on the CSV, a lot a lot of file has been changed(900+ files), so I can't post about it... :P

It will be Windows 10 build 10586.11 after you installed this update. ;)


Adobe Reader 15.009.20079 has been released, and no release note updated so far, it is still the old version.
While the Windows 10 build 10586.11 also has been updated to 10586.14, and the file change are:

  • Microsoft-windows-appmodelexecevents.dll
  • Dabmigplugin.dll
  • Deviceaccess.dll
  • Modernexecserver.dll
  • Wwahost.exe
  • Dabmigplugin.dll
  • Deviceaccess.dll
  • Wwahost.exe
  • Appprivacy.admx

So yup, it seen like they will bump the small version number now, so that you are more easier to know did you has newest Windows 10 or not. :)


Just a Cumulative update that bump the version to 10.0.10586.17, you may like to update it now, as it has updated D2D11.dll . ;D
The file size should be 230.66 MB.

PS  : They seem to be providing update per week now.
PS2: And yes, there is a lot of files change...


Well, they released another update yesterday, just to fixing some settings are not bring over when you are upgrading from older system(like build.10240). :)

And no reboot required, it is just a very small patch that is not bigger than 100 KB. ;)
QuoteAfter an upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1511 from an earlier version of Windows 10, a very small number of users may have had their settings for Advertising ID, Background Apps, SmartScreen Filter, and Sync with Devices incorrectly set to the system defaults.


A little good news first, Nova Launcher Prime is on sale for $0.99 in the U.S, while it is as low as RM1(0.23 US Dollar) in my Country.
If you are Nova Launcher user, then it is time to grab it. ;)
QuoteI'm happy to announce that Nova Launcher Prime is currently on sale for a hugely discounted price in the Google Play Store.

The prices are as follows:

0.10 GBP UK/ 0.10 EUR (France, Germany, Italy, Spain only)
10 RUB Russia
0.20 AUD Australia

For everyone else around the world, the sale price is as low as +Google Play allow us to set it and you can see the full list of those minimum prices here:

If you don't have Nova Launcher Prime yet, or you know friends or family members who don't have it, now's the time to grab your copy today as these super low prices will only last until December 15th.

Anyways, back to topic.
Adobe Flash Player v20.0.0.235 and Adobe Air v20.0.0.204 has been released, yup, moving over to version 20 now. ::)

While Windows Calculator has added some new feature for Programmer Mode and Scientific Mode, and this is what's you got for moving Win32 software to Modern App, more easier to update without any patch released. :)

And give me a few hours for processing today's update. ;D


Think the update is a little better...but not much.


Speaking of all things Microsoft, does anyone use microsoft exchange? I know if you get it from, it comes with Outlook 2013, so sounds like a good deal. Any reviews from other users?


Well, first, I am sorry for stopping updating this topic, not too much energy for keeping it update anymore, as University is killing your time for not letting you learn your own knowledge. ::)

Quote from: sumo7 on January 18, 2016, 08:24:35 AM
Think the update is a little better...but not much.
And ya, that's why you can see the update has always changing, unless I know how to reverse the file and check which has been changed.
I guess the changelog at here should not showing much, it is mainly just a record in case some bug showing up after patching the system, so I can know which patch is the cause. ;)

Quote from: sumo7 on January 19, 2016, 09:16:03 AM
Speaking of all things Microsoft, does anyone use microsoft exchange? I know if you get it from, it comes with Outlook 2013, so sounds like a good deal. Any reviews from other users?
Not for me, I somehow a bit hate email, it is becoming a strange thing now, as it become the last door to reset most of my accounts, so I will not using any software that had login my email, for security. ::)