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Feature request: Ability to showing >1 tray icon with difference thing(closed)

Started by BenYeeHua, August 25, 2013, 02:18:55 PM

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Ability to showing >1 tray icon with difference thing, like:
1.I has only 2GB and an weak CPU, so I want to showing 2 usage of them.
2.I tick Options-General Setting-System tray icon-Show total processor utilization and also Show total memory utilization
3.2 tray icon with difference color has been shown like the attach.

PS:If adding this will making Process Lasso too heavy or hard to maintain, just disagree it, as this is not the main point of Process Lasso. :)
PS2:If PL will adding this, the only thing is, which icon is showing the balloon/PL icon that showing PL is restraint some processes.
As there are many free monitoring software can doing this, closed.


Since your looking for more than one thing displayed data wise. I think a gadget would suite your needs better than system tray .
Only issue with them is added over head as they need refreshing data to keep up .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Yes, so I think this feature request can be closed, and no one will be asking for it after they know the reason.(if they are using the search function and found this topic before they post.) :)


Right, I have gadget running for OpenhardwareMonitor  showing CPU speed ,CPU , GPU and HD temps .
But I don't run the monitor 24/7 only when I am testing/checking system so I wouldn't want it running 24/7 in PL since it runs always .
Bitsum QA Engineer