Remove useless "Run as Administrator" showing on all file type Context Menu

Started by BenYeeHua, July 28, 2014, 07:34:05 PM

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Just a quick fix, remove "HKCR\*\shell\RunAs", then it will be fine. :)
I just found a strange "Run as Administrator" showing on all file type context menu, and it look like Google don't show any solution for me, but some tips about how to add "Run as Administrator" to other file type context menu, and the tips to add it is RunAs.

So I just use Process Monitor, and right click on any file type except exe, and found that there is a RunAs registry key on that location.
After I remove it, then the problem is solved, without any restart. ;)

But it is still a mystery that which software was making this mistake, and causing me some issues for context menu. :P
For Context Menu, if you right click and found that your Context menu is becoming slower to showing(or hang a bit while showing), then it is some DLL blocked it.

You can use Autoruns or CCleaner to disable the dll, and see which dll is causing the issues(like after disabled xxx.dll, the hang will gone or reduced).
And the effect is apply after you disable/enable it, as Explorer.exe will always check the registry value each time you right click.

The location for Autoruns is the "Explorer" tab, and the location for CCleaner is Tools-Startup-Context Menu, CCleaner will showing which context menu it will showing for each dll. :)