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Started by degarb, July 30, 2009, 03:10:48 PM

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I just tried a prepaid visa via paypal.  Not surprisingly, it said declined. 

I assume regsoft might accept payment of this card.  However I would like the double license, one for my home computer and one for the small notebook.  I don't see the $24 two for one licenses offered through regsoft.

Now, my concern is if pay pal might slip through some charge or hold on this card.   I sent wife to Michigan for a one day round about trip, with a $130 prepaid visa. One gas station held $90 from card after declining card at pump.   They graciously would give it back only after 7 days, stranding her and three kids to sleep in the car for the week with no food or water.  Fortunately, I was in Ohio near a corporate office of the gas chain; and only a personal visit to area manager would they reverse the charge, even after two days of calling.  Did I mention I need this card for a out of town trip this weekend?

Jeremy Collake

Sorry to hear PayPal declined your card. If you order through RegSoft, I will go ahead and add a second free license to your account. If RegSoft declines your card as well, let me know. I am nearly done setting up another eCommerce provider, so we can use it if all else fails.

As for placing a hold on some of your funds, that shouldn't have happened.

Gas pumps pre-authorize for $90 because they don't know how much you plan to pump before-hand. .. and it takes days for it to clear up. Dunno why it pre-authorized even though it was declined, that seems contradictory. It doesn't surprise me though, crazy things do happen with credit cards (prepaid or otherwise). It could have been that when the pump when to complete the transaction there was some sort of technical problem.

Anyway, this shouldn't happen when ordering from PayPal or RegSoft. The most that will be authorized is the cost of the license.. and if the card was declined NOTHING should have been authorized/held.

I make no guarantees though, because I don't have full control of these eCommerce providers. I can issue refunds, but if something strange happens like a pre-authorization for a declined charge.. Well, I don't know how I'd resolve that other than waiting for the pre-authorization to clear up in a few days. Your credit card company could resolve it, if you convinced them to.

Anyway, I think the chances of this happening are very, very slim. You likely got unlikely that one time at the gas pump.
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