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Started by DeadHead, January 14, 2014, 03:25:16 PM

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On quite a number of processes, the default affinity's been changed from none (default), which on my computer means 0-7, to 0-5. Please take a look at the screenshot. It would seem that in order to fix this, I have to force CPU affinity to all cores, for each and every process that has this problem, thereby adding a "0-7" setting under rules for that process. It also seems that the list is growing, adding more and more processes that have this problem.

I'm *not* using the "change affinity during restraint" option in the ProBalance Settings dialogue.

I remember this a similar issue on another computer that runs PL, on that machine I *did* use the "change affinity during restraint" option, and the problem on that machine was that the affinity settings never got restored even after a restraint.

So, what can be the cause of this?
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Yes, I think it can be some software changing the affinity after the process is launched.

Can you try close PL completely, open Task Manager/Process Explorer, then run a new process and check for the Affinity?
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I manually changed the processes that were acting up, and for now it seems the issue sorted iteself out (crosses fingers) - no new processes showing up with only core 0-5 active.

Just not sure what caused it in the first place.
Windows 10 Pro 64 (swedish) || Xeon 5650 @ +4 GHz || 24 gig ram || R9280 Toxic

Jeremy Collake

Hmm, *something* is changing those affinities. Any action Lasso takes will be in its log, unless you manually make the change in the GUI. However, as we can see in the Rules column, and you reported, there are no default CPU affinity rules.

Do check your ProBalance configuration, as it can be set to change CPU affinities on restraint - though it should never have been left in this state.

Otherwise, the cause could be elsewhere, but I don't have any immediate guesses as to where.
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I never noticed this happening on my system (don't have option to lower affinity when restraint ) but maybe it affects more for those with more cores as my default is 0-3 .
The only thing I have noticed with app , is if launched via scheduled tasks , the the priority is lowered than normal .
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Yup, I don't has a desktop i7 to check this out too, only a 2 core 4 thread laptop cpu. :)


Haven't happened again since I posted this. Beats me what could be the cause, but I think we can write this one off.
Windows 10 Pro 64 (swedish) || Xeon 5650 @ +4 GHz || 24 gig ram || R9280 Toxic


Good to hear about that, I guess it can be some strange software that like to changing other software CPU Affinity, if you disabled UAC. :)