Start installing the Windows 8.1, via mount the ISO!

Started by BenYeeHua, April 11, 2014, 07:22:39 PM

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So here it is.

Let us see did it works, and it is not installing a new windows, but upgrade the current windows 8 to windows 8.1. ;)

So far I just run it, and it un-hide the SYSTEM driver, which store many thing like the safeboot, "old" windows 8 PE, and EFI for boot etc.
I will see that did it get un-hide after I upgrade to Windows 8.1. :)

And, if I don't renew this post after 24 hours, then I am failed. :P


Yes, after I used the generic key, it is showing this picture, it means that it is a upgrade. ;P
Except I downloaded a wrong version, or I am out of disk space(I will be dead if it end becoming like this :P), as I am using Windows 8.1 single language. ;)


As I clicked the "Help me decide", and it is showing like using Upgrade Assistant to check which apps and device will broken, so I go for it.

Only one(and it is app that monitor device), and I gonna uninstall it(as it is a bit danger for apps that access device), as it is not newest version, and also install newest one after Windows 8.1+Update 1 is installed. ;)


Time to reboot, I think.

So here is the list that I check before doing that.
1.Antivirus disabled - check
2.All device enabled - check
3.Some task that control the device has been disabled - check

Hope it is not too long, and I don't sleep yet.

And, only some file is copied by the ISO installer, like to the SYSTEM device, and the windows folder, time to see did this works. ;)


It works. ;)

After clicking next, the installer will showing a big metro screen, blocking anything and don't let you operating the computer.
Because I saw my background and running apps before it get into restart.

And, after you click next, it will copy the files into some unknown place.
And really, no too much to said, only some words.

setting up, restart, setting device, restart, applying setting, restart, a few more, restart.
So you better using SSD device as your system drive, or this is a long down time for you. :)

Then here is the new setting.

Did you want to apply the default MS setting, that give many access to Metro apps.
Custom yourself, and also keep part of your Windows 8 setting.

After choosing, time to install your old metro apps, then yahoo~
A very colorful Start Menu is welcoming you. ;)

And also, you got a new ClearType setting, some broken driver, and also the Windows Update will install old driver for you!!!
Remember to disable it before you going into the Internet, if you choose the wrong custom setting just like me.

And of cause, you need to active your Windows too.

Finally, you can see some tour about how Metro works, and you got a better quality for your Taskbar.
This is not a lie, I don't feel Windows 8.1 is a SP1 for me. :P
So I has a few driver is broken now, like the Bluetooth, and my touchpad also reset the setting too!

I will come back after I fixing all of this. ;)


This 3 bug is the thing you need to take care when you install Windows 8.1. :)
And yup, The "My Computer" become to "This PC" ;D

So far, the start menu is lag, if you boot to Desktop, but not boot to Start Menu.
And the Store can't showing your Apps, you can only manage the Metro Apps via All programs with the Start Menu.

Here is 1 pic before the file is copy to hard disk. :)