Started by parkd1, May 02, 2014, 03:47:34 PM

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mscorsvw.exe is not showing up. When I start the computer it eats up a lot of CPU. Task Manager say it is .Net Runtime Optimization Service.


Bitsum QA Engineer


Yup, it is doing this.
QuoteNGEN solves these by doing two things:

    Compiling .NET Framework libraries to machine code upon installation of the .NET Framework on a given computer.
    Smart re-ordering of the machine code so that computers can execute .NET apps faster, using less memory.
So your .NET software like your Graphic card Control Panel is running more faster and smaller. ;)

And it is not showing up, I guess you are not managing all processes+Admin right?
Because the similar process like NGEN.exe is showing for me...


Ok I got it to show. lol Found in the under the main menu. Manage processes of all users. How did I miss that lol lol Now Mscorsvw.exe shows up.


Sometimes(rare) this function will un-tick for me too, and I don't know why, it can be some change on newer PL version will reset the setting for that function. :)