Started by luis, August 11, 2009, 07:33:41 AM

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Is really not accessible anymore or there is something wrong ?
I have been asked for a login/password.

I would have been very interested in read it especially about the false alarm problems because I'm sure you have a lot to share about. I found this post and tried to follow the link but I was stopped by the login request.

Thank you.


I used to be able to access the blog, but for months I've gotten stuck after logging in with the message "This blog is open to invited readers only".  I guess I'm not on the VIP list...


Hi heterodox, thank you.

I was asking just to be sure it wasn't unintentional...

I hope Jeremy will reply nevertheless.


Jeremy Collake

Sorry for the late reply, I was away, then overlooked this post.

Apparently I got self-conscious one night and changed the permissions on the blog. I've restored them now, so that anybody can view that blog.
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