Author Topic: Can anyone helps me check this is a false alarm or a trojan  (Read 7602 times)

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TR;DR:Just helps me to check it is a real trojan or not, and a virus scan is not needed, as most of them is reporting it as trojan. :)
So I am thinking can it be virus or not, and looking at my ignore list of the anti-virus, which is trojan, not malware.
And even start compile it as someone has a good instruction to compile the program.

So here it is, the file, be careful if you want to run it.

And the source code, the source code look clean for me.

Based on the comment on the blog, someone has report it as false alarm to Avast!, and which also why I trust it.
You can see the virustotal did not showing Avast! reporting it as trojan, and so did Microsoft(MA).

And also 1 important thing, I never see it connect to the internet, so that is why I think it is a Firefox addon than a software.
If the trojan is a Firefox addon, then it will be hard to find out which one, as there is really no addon heuristic scanner, but only a database that collect reported addon that is trojan etc..
Anyways, whatever this is the trojan that ghosting me or not, at least I got 1 of my software become smaller, as I don't know how to compile it with icon. ;D