sugguestion to make process lasso easier to use

Started by john999, August 01, 2009, 06:19:31 AM

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i just want to say that the GUI of lasso is so ulgy and hard to understand and i  want you to look at process explore from sysinternals made by Mark Russinovich.
if you start it there are three categories
-system idle process
and under each the processors run.. if you can make your program display them in the same order it will be much easier to know how things run in windows.
another problem with you program is the CPU (%).. whenever lasso update the load in percentage the whole processor list will start blinking which is so annoying.. please fix it
one last thing .. please allow us to remove the top graph completely by going to view > remove graph
nothing els
good luck

processor explorer


I disagree, I think Process Lasso is very pretty ;)

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the suggestions. I am aware of Process Explorer. The Process Lasso interface looks better in Vista and Windows 7 than it does in XP, but yea I will agree it isn't the prettiest interface in the world. It will improve as time goes on.
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Being a utility program, I think Process Lasso seems to have a nice interface. Personally, I'd say go with it and keep putting more goodies into the internal workings and functionalities. I am NOT a programmer and have'nt messed around with any real attempts at creating one since the days of .... god help us.... ATARI BASIC !!! Lol....
To make a long story longer, I just feel that being a non-programmer, it may be very easy to say "oh, why don't you just do this that and the other" and while you're at it boys and girls, just dress up that trashy GUI fer cryin' out loud !!! (Hey Bitsum, this is an example, not my own thoughts !!). Especially when they have a damn neat program here with great functionality and a very functional price for the registration !  However, suggestions from the users and the willingness of folks to listen to them are what make great products Greater !!!
Please, no offence meant to any posters, just my 2 cents.   :-\

Jeremy Collake

Quote from: Senlac_Hill on August 16, 2009, 01:31:25 AM
Being a utility program, I think Process Lasso seems to have a nice interface. Personally, I'd say go with it and keep putting more goodies into the internal workings and functionalities.

I like your philosophy, and tend to agree. The most important thing is that Process Lasso simply does its job.

People should also remember that fancy user interfaces also substantially increase the resource use. For instance, showing high resolution icons in the process list accounts for most of Process Lasso's current memory use. Also, the more complexity added, the more likely there will be errata (bugs).

That said, I do have some nice UI improvements coming down the pipe. These will be simple, but highly effective. I don't know if Process Lasso will ever be beautiful, but I am making it more easy to use and extending the user interface capabilities.. and hopefully prettier at the same time.

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Always looking forward to new versions !!!

Thanks again   :)


Is it possible to create a help file, i.e., CHM or such available through the program itself, wether online or off so a user does not have to go to the webpage just to read it ???

Many thanks.....


I'm sure such a thing is possible. It might be time consuming to keep up to date, but packaging it with PL should be an easy task. In the meantime, if you have a page you visit often for help (such as the FAQ or documentation page online) you can always go to your browser menu and choose "Save as..." and save the page as a HTML document on your hard drive. Then drop a shortcut to this document into your PL folder or your Start Menu in the appropriate place. Also a favorites or bookmark in your browser would give quick easy access if you are able to get online during your crisis. I'm sure a better option can be incorporated after Jeremy gets back from his Honeymoon. Good luck till then. ;)


Like the interface, prefer time in internal improvements, not playing for days on gui-which is fine.  My only issue, is I do find myself opening process explorer, since I don't see a way of sorting processes in all orders that the sysinternal program offers (process tree, cpu, and alphabetical).

Jeremy Collake

Regarding the CHM: I can and may create a CHM. This seems preferred by many users. It substantially adds to the installer size though, but I suppose that's not a big deal. I will reconsider doing this..

Regarding the user interface vs. Process Explorer: Process Explorer is the better task manager, there's no doubt of that. I'll continue working on the user interface, but it is hard to beat Process Explorer's task management capabilities. It's pretty close to perfect, except for its pretty high resource consumption.

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