Opposite of "Application Power Profiles"?

Started by idean, August 07, 2014, 06:55:22 AM

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I've searched the docs and the board, but haven't found the answer yet:

Is it possible to do the opposite of "Application Power Profiles"?

Instead of
- switch power profiles when given applications are running. For instance, switch to 'High Performance' when you start a game

I'd like to
- make certains programs behave differently depending on the power mode.

In other words, my backup program is not power/battery aware.  So I'd like to throttle it way back whenever my laptop switches to battery mode.


Its not app specific but you could make new power profile and the set with park utility for parking and freq scaling with DC down .
the have it run that profile when the app runs, or just use it globally .
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Jeremy Collake

Doesn't exist now, but may be added in the future.

What you describe is changing the behavior of process(es) and/or ProBalance when the system power profile is changed. It's a good concept. I will start tossing it around in my mind and see what I can come up with!
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For other, maybe you can also reduce the CPU usage of Process Lasso, like automatic disable some feature of Process Lasso or increase the refresh interval. :)
Quote2.Dynamic Refresh interval of GUI and/or Governor for power save
Maybe it is just me or the better single thread performance CPU, but I found that most of the time, the Responsiveness line never drop below 100% before the process restraint by PL.
It can be the GUI having lower refresh interval while it is hidden into the Tray Icon, and also the Governor having much lower of the refresh interval, and only increase when it detect >50% processes CPU usage or restraint processes.
Or only increase the refresh interval while it is on Battery/DC.

And ya, ProBalance can like having a difference profile setting for using Battery/DC, like when it is DC, it will change the affinity and not ignore the foreground and services process etc, so you can just limit the process to 1 core etc. ;)

Jeremy Collake

I love the idea of dynamically adjusting the refresh rate (poll interval) of Lasso! Great idea!

Aside from that, I'll see what else I can think up. Honestly, it'll be a bit before I get to this, already enough work on my plate for this month.
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Yup, as the CPU usage of PL is not very high, so that feature can put away first/having low priority. :)