Regedit: recursive key expand

Started by hanemach_gt, June 04, 2014, 02:20:18 PM

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I discovered this one by accident. When you highlight a key that has a subkey having subkeys, and when you hit asterisk * character, all of the subkeys of the highlighted key (or a hive, or a computer) are expanded.

Found working in Windows 7 SP1.
Let somebody know if they find a key combination that'd have reverse effect.  :D

Update: Only the asterisk pushed from the numpad triggers the behavior I've described, it doesn't work for Shift+8.
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Thank for the tips, and it will only works for using * button on the numpad, not Shift+8. ;)


Thanks for completion, I of course meant the one in numpad, but no one has to read my thoughts.  :)
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Jeremy Collake

Cool ;). That is interesting that it doesn't work when the SHIFT key is depressed. That's probably an unintentional bug of this 'hidden' feature.
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I think maybe the feature is locked to "num *", not "*".
So the Shift+8 don't works on this little difference. :)