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Started by Senlac_Hill, August 16, 2009, 01:10:30 AM

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Yup, that's me when it comes to the internal workings of a prog like Process Lasso.... Referencing another post from July 2nd, I believe, concerning "Working Set Memory", I do appreciate Bitsum in any attempt to make the tech jargon understandable by the non geek !! Lasso IS a very interesting program in what it accomplishes on the PC. Can someone give me a tip, perhaps info about any publications, books and such that may explain the working of management progs like this, i.e., explaining Working Set Memory, Delta I/O, and the like ???? Also, what settings are others using for various scenarios on their PC and why ??? I know that Process Lasso definately makes a difference on this older box of mine ! Thanks again to Bitsum for their efforts with this far out creation of theirs !!!

Jeremy Collake

Glad you like Process Lasso ;). In addition to being the developer, I'm also an avid user and fan. It is a pleasure to work on software I truly believe in.

I will write up some good docs on the various process info fields sometime soon. Docs aren't my strong suit, as the problem is not using jargon when defining jargon.. but I will get it done. If you research 'virtual memory' and understand what it is, then the definitions of the terms you'll find when doing a web search will make more sense. The fundamentals of modern OS architecture is also something to perhaps learn. This is good information to know anyway, as it may help you when you find some anomalous happening on your PC.

Sadly, since I have a wedding and honeymoon the next week, I probably won't get to this for at least a couple weeks.

As for custom configurations for various scenarios... I wrote Process Lasso so that it works good in its default configuration, for everybody. There are certainly custom configurations for various usage scenarios that can further boost performance and/or responsiveness. However, these customized configurations are likely to be very specific to a PC's exact hardware and software environment. So, I don't know how portable these custom configurations would be. In the end, most people should stick with the default configuration.

That said, I would be interested in hearing from users who have customized the configuration to suit specific needs. If trends emerge, I can create new configuration profiles for specific usage scenarios.

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Well !!!!!

Weddings and Honeymoons DO outweigh virtually everything else !!! You, sir, Have a truly Great week !!! I'll take your advice and do some more research around the web... Thanks for the reply !!

Later, and the Best of Luck !  8)